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Saturday Works


Again, this past Saturday morning I was one of the very few personal trainers training. Actually I was the only personal trainer taking advantage of another easy way to make money in this industry. And I really don’t “need” to.  The worst part of this is that I was at the largest of the…(Read More)

Own The Room


In my eBook, Three Killer Mistakes Successful Personal Trainers Don’t Make, which you can grab for FREE by clicking the Free Download button after you click here —> Personal Training Biz, I talked about the fact that I’ve always been the trainer in the gym that everyone knows. I’m the guy that…(Read More)

The other day I overheard a trainer say that he just can’t train anyone before 9:00 am.  That he couldn’t be at his “best” until mid-morning.  This dude was being honest too.  He doesn’t have a sleeping disorder or a fear of seeing the sun rise that I know of…(Read More)

Good or Great?


“When you’re good you tell everyone.  When you’re great everyone tells you.”  Mmmmm damn I love that!  Wish I had come up with that one.  It’s like a perfect song.  When you’re like…  silent for awhile.  Thinking.  Contemplating.  Wondering.  Trying to deal with it.  You know what I mean.  Hopefully.   I…(Read More)