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Come on y’all… there’s no need for you to stare at another personal trainer and shake your head when you notice one of their clients has bad form.  There’s no need for you to go up to the trainer later and make a big deal of it either.  That’s extremely unprofessional…(Read More)

I’m sure that you have a great system in place for program design, but as many personal trainers have found out, it can be pretty difficult to program very far in advance for most clients because of things like sickness, vacation, work, and kids.  The dream of having our clients go through their almighty…(Read More)

Facebook Dummies


Here’s some common sense advice that I shouldn’t have to give you, but from what I’ve seen and read, need to. Don’t be an idiot on Instagram and Facebook. As a personal trainer you should already know that social media can be a fantastic tool for going after prospective clientele, not…(Read More)

Year after year. It never fails. Personal trainers everywhere struggling to find new business starting from the dog days of summer up until January 2nd. But from what I’ve noticed the last 19 years, the struggles last all year long.  Why get excited for the “New Year’s resolution crowd” anyway? Sorry, but for…(Read More)

Safe Is Cool


Keeping your clients feeling safe during their workouts goes a long way.  Do your clients feel safe?  Do you give them that “warm fuzzy feeling?”  ; )  In all seriousness spotting your clients is very important.  Some of you are like, “Dude!  Duh!”  But wow do I see a ton of personal trainers standing 5-10 feet…(Read More)