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They always pay. Baby Boomers that is. They’re the perfect client.  As you probably already know from reading my other blog posts, much of my writing talks about marketing your personal training service to wealthy and successful people.  Ya know, having clients where money isn’t an object not only makes your job much…(Read More)

Most of the information and tips that I share with you comes from my head.  “Stuff” that I’ve thought about, and very much contemplated almost everyday of my personal training career.  Stuff that has been building up and literally hurting my brain for a very long time.  Some of the information also comes from…(Read More)

Everyone seems to be so worried about crappy personal trainers hurting our industry.   Why? Who cares.   The “experts” on the interweb have been warning me about them for years. Trying to scare me, saying that all the bad trainers are quickly “turning off” our potential clientele. So now, because of them, it will be even…(Read More)