Hey everyone, welcome to Personal Training Biz! Here’s a little info about me and my project. I have been a personal trainer since 1998 and self employed since 2000. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree and studied under The National Academy of Sports Medicine. During this time I have completed over 30,000 personal training sessions. I just might be the busiest personal trainer you will find, because I complete on average 40-60 hour personal training sessions per week. This includes in-home and on-site training where I train people of all fitness levels. From high school, college, and professional athletes to senior citizens. I have trained over 20 high school athletes who have gone on to participate in major college or professional athletics, and many others who have had the honor of becoming an all-state, all-league, or all-star team selection. I also have performed many speaking engagements for various groups, and have been published on many occasions. I am sought after and trusted by so many people which placed me in the nation’s top 10% in annual income for personal trainers. Being a great trainer has helped me achieve this, but my marketing skills have certainly made the difference. I’ve learned so much and continue to learn by watching and listening to the struggles of personal trainers at various health clubs as well as the self employed. This is why I developed personaltrainingbiz.com. I absolutely have to share the knowledge I have attained over the years with all of you. Unlike many bloggers in this industry I will not tell you how to train, but instead I will focus on topics that are very different and usually avoided. Topics that are hard to talk about in the health and fitness industry. The overly honest information that I share will allow personal trainers to make it long term in this business. The fear will stop. Then comes financial freedom, the ability to again enjoy your passions in life, along with the avoidance of burnout. All the while going against the mainstream and realizing that just being scientifically savvy isn’t enough to be a truly great personal trainer.