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Let’s be honest. Much of the human race aren’t big fans of overly analytical pompous people with zero personality.   So, why be that person? Especially in our field. You’re a personal trainer, not a lab rat. Your job is personal.   To be one of the greats in your market, one that is…(Read More)

Is it programming? Teaching proper dead lift form? Talking about nutrition?  I doubt it.  I know what your fears are, because I’ve been watching and listening to personal trainers just like you for almost 20 years.  It’s not knowing what clients will still be around next month. It’s not knowing who will…(Read More)

Ok, I’m going to be upfront here from the get go.  This blog post will go against most everything you were taught, and are currently being taught by your superiors at your health club pertaining to the selling of your service.  The information in today’s post will probably upset the club owners I…(Read More)

What the hell is it with everyone telling personal trainers that their job SHOULDN’T be about the money? That your sole purpose as a personal trainer should only be about being sensitive to peoples’ health and fitness needs. Not charging what you’re worth. Not growing your business or your brand. Not being able…(Read More)

Maybe I have been too hard on you.  Blaming you for not knowing who your market is. That you’re setting yourself up for burnout and an early exit from this industry.    Ya know… Most people can’t buy a Benz.  Most people can’t buy personal training either. Why offer your service to those…(Read More)