I know what I’m talking about. I know a lot when it comes to making more money in the health and fitness industry. I’m just sayin…

I know how to bring certainty to a personal trainer’s business and their life. I know what every personal trainer wants without them telling me. I know how it flippin works.

I know what it takes to make more money in this industry. To warrant a personal trainer to stay in business, and not run to a job that’s “safe.”


After 21 years and counting as a personal trainer, over 40,000 personal training sessions, and training in multiple health clubs, I can confidently say that I’m an expert.

I’ve become a very respected personal trainer in my city which has made me a lot of money, because I dominate at providing customer service. I give my clients exactly what they want. I always have.

I don’t do anything gimmicky either. I never have and never will.

I didn’t try to come up with a new and magical business plan. I didn’t try to reinvent the wheel.

So many gimmicks out there… People trying to find a new way or better yet, a so called easier way in their mind to make something work, when they find that it’s a heck of a lot of work to become truly successful.

Those ideas or gimmicks are not where the money is in the personal training business. That’s not where the certainty is.

I did and continue to do what works and has always worked in the business world.

I sought out the repeat buyers, and I marketed to them DIRECTLY. I then did an over the top job by giving them exactly what THEY WANTED which ensured me FREE word of mouth advertising to other repeat buyers.


I’ve ran the numbers. I know the averages in this industry.

You might be or someone you know might be doing well with half-hour sessions or a lunchtime boot camp, but I know where the REAL MONEY is. Where the REAL CERTAINTY is.

Ya see, many but NOT ALL trainers think half-hour sessions and boot camps and online training are the coolest new idea.

They’re not new btw, but many PT’s feel they’ll be easy and a great way to maximize time. That they’ll be able to make more money per day. That they will get hired by more people, because it’s CHEAPER.

Technically you could make more per day, but in 21 years I only know of a handful of personal trainers doing really well with half-hour sessions, bootcamps, and online training.

What I’ve mostly witnessed is boot camps starting out great and then dying within a month, or half-hour session trainers working three hours a day, training six clients for 30 minutes each with huge gaps in their schedule starting at 6:00 am and ending at 8:00 pm. All the while making around $120 a day after the club takes their cut. And… online trainers competing with thousands and thousands of others on social media, running deals, showing half-naked pics, and screaming, “ONLY THREE SPOTS LEFT!!!” ; )

How’s that for certainty? How’s that for more money?

The half-hour session PT I mentioned, working at a club making about $120 a day, equates to about $25,000 a year.

Just being my honest self here, but $25,000 a year is broke as a joke my friend.

Who can you help making that much per year? I mean how long can you hold on? How long do you want to be living in your Mom’s basement, or some apartment with three other people?

How long will you deal with all the garbage advice out there? People telling you to lower your prices. People telling you to run a New Year’s special. And society guilting you into thinking that making a lot of money shouldn’t be a priority.



In the past 21 years I’ve hand-picked all my clients. Yes, I CHOSE THEM.

I chose them, because they’re wealthy.

I only allow them to purchase 20 or more sessions at a time, which ensures me large lump sums of money quite often, because they use 2-5 sessions a week. Because they can afford to.

This of course ensures a commitment from them. This leads to us building a relationship quickly, and ensures quick results for them. Then their wealthy friends and family members notice. This gets me known very quickly.

I’d love to teach you how to do this. How to bring certainty to your life and business. The certainty of large lump sums of money being handed to you every month or two by 15-20 clients.


There are quite a few so called consultants (“experts”) out there trying to help personal trainers. Many of whom strangely have never even been a personal trainer.

Quite a few are trying to teach personal trainers how to do online training or boot camps. Again, some foolishly admit they have never actually done either of those jobs. But you better believe that they are still gonna show you how to make it big. ; )

Others push half-hour sessions. Some push small group training. Some push women only classes.

Again, in 21 years in this business, I’ve only met a few making it big with half-hour sessions, boot camps, and online training. Why are these PT’s doing so well? Because they went after the right clients and are doing these forms of training for the right reasons. NOT to cheapen their product.

All I want to do is to make sure good personal trainers like yourself make more money in order to stay in business so you can continue to help more people. This is done by you letting me teach you how to GET BETTER CLIENTS. Clients that will never quit your service.

Oh, and strangely compared to the other “experts,” I’ve actually done the job. I’ve lived it for over 21 years.

I do commend these “experts” for trying to help, but do you know anyone personally that’s making BIG MONEY doing boot camps, online training, half-hour sessions, small group training, or women only classes? Like I said, I don’t know too many.

And yet so many bring up these “short cuts” to me and ask my opinion.

“Mark what do you think of this? I have a ‘plan’ to start this boot camp, and then I’m gonna do some online training on the side, and then I’m gonna only offer half-hours, and then I’m gonna sell some supplements, and then I’m gonna…”

“I just don’t know what to do Mark. I’m just so tired of the grind. Ya know… my horrible schedule is killing me. I hate all the gaps I have. I hate not knowing how much money I’ll make next month. I’m scared. I hate all the specials my health club runs every month… I think I can really gain freedom in my life by doing a couple boot camps a day, and doing some online training.”

My response is usually like…

“Fine. Go ahead. Give it a try. It could work. It has worked. But it’s way harder than you think. Especially online training. You don’t even have much, if any credibility locally. How in the world then do you think you can get total strangers to pay you online for weekly workouts that they could get for free by just using Google? Sorry, but your workouts aren’t special. There’s no magic to them. Just like mine aren’t much different than anyone else’s either.”

I then ask, “Ya know what’s easy? Marketing your service locally. Getting known. Getting known by people that can afford you 2-5 times a week for life. It just takes COURAGE.”

These same PT’s and club owners get kind of quiet when I push the “go after rich people” business growth plan. They think that it’ll be too hard. It makes them nervous. Probably makes them feel guilty. (I doubt Mercedes or Rolex or Louis Vuitton feels guilty.)

Compared to growing an online following or trying to find enough people to join your three daily boot camps, getting known by wealthy/successful people is a piece of cake.


The personal trainers making a ton of money train wealthy people. It’s that simple.

And these trainers do what I do.

They do an over the top job. They USUALLY spend an hour with their clients. They build an awesome relationship. Their clients never quit.

You can either let me teach you how to get known and hired by the wealthy people in your community, or you can continue foolishly trying to find ways to stop trading time for money.

Successful people trade time for money. They don’t sit around. They don’t have some magic money making machine. They initiated their plan, and then they then continue to make it better day after day by WORKING.

Stop thinking that more free time will make you happy. Stop thinking that spending more time surfing Netflix is a good thing.

Why not adopt more of an entrepreneurial mindset? Don’t you want to be known as the best personal trainer around?


As I said earlier, I give my clients what they want.

What do they want you ask? Well, I asked them before I wrote this, and here is what they told me.


  1. They want a lot and they expect a lot, because they pay a lot.
  2. They want an hour of my TIME. (Not an hour workout necessarily.)
  3. They want me all to themselves. They don’t want an intern following me around or another client overlapping their session. (Another awful marketing idea I’ve heard for PT’s. Overlapping sessions? Hell no! That’s horrible customer service.)
  4. They want over the top service. Foam rolled and stretched every session. My full attention.
  5. They want certain time-slots every week. Consistency.
  6. They want me to be a solid force in their life. Someone they can count on.


Just like their accountant, lawyer, golf coach, handy man, cleaning lady, pool guy, lawn care person, etc.

Yeah, maybe ask your clients what they want, instead of telling them they’ll love half-hour sessions, or that it’ll be great for them to work with another one of your clients during the session just to save you more time. If they want 30 minutes, they’ll tell you. Again, half-hours and boot camps can and have worked. Just make sure you are offering these options for the rights reasons and to the right people.


So here’s my question for you.

Do you want to make a lot more money?

Should be an easy answer, but to many it’s a scary question.

This is because with more money comes more responsibility and much higher expectations from the client. This then brings on more fear.

It’s a different kind of fear though. It’s definitely not the, “Can I pay the rent this month?” kind of fear. It’s more along the lines of pressure.

Don’t you think you can handle it? Don’t you think you’re worthy, or that you’re a good enough personal trainer?

Maybe you are suffering from imposter syndrome… Yeah, that’s a real thing believe it or not. It’s when you’re scared that people will find out or think you’re a fraud.

Maybe you think that wealthy/successful people will think you’re a fraud. Because they’re smart people.

Well, I highly doubt that you would ever allow that to happen, because they will absolutely expect you to bring your A-GAME every single session. And that’s a good thing. You will become an even better personal trainer because of them. Because of the high expectations they have.


As you know, I train many business owners. Some should have retired by now, but they just can’t stop. They are still trading time for money well into their 60’s and 70’s.

Even though they’re all worth millions, their passion is to continue to grow their business and help others.

Two of them have their own plane. Another one has a $10 million boat. Another one has a $3 million dollar property in Cali for the winter, so on and so on.

Yeah, I don’t worry about them quitting. I have certainty and I live smack dab in the middle of the US. Most people wouldn’t think there would be a lot of money here. There’s a lot of money everywhere. Let me help you find it.

I want you to have more certainty in your life. I want you to have what I have. This comes when you get off your ass and market your service yourself. When you stop being afraid to ask the right people to pay you for your amazing service.


Ok, let’s wrap this up huh.

I want you to do something.

I want you to get three wealthy people to hire you. Hell, start with one. Can I please help you get this done?

In doing this, you’ll be on your way to so much certainty. So much happiness.

You don’t have to be on TV to make a ton of money as a personal trainer or to train wealthy people. You don’t have to be a celebrity trainer on Biggest Loser. You don’t have to train movie stars in Hollywood.

But what about the “local celebrities” in your city? Why not train them?

You know who these people are don’t you?

They are the top lawyers, business owners, and doctors. And they are right down the street from you. Around the corner. They’re everywhere.

There are local celebrities in every city in the world. Even the smaller cities.

Why not reach out to them?

You have another thing going for you if you follow my lead here. It’s the fact that you really don’t have any competition.

Most all personal trainers aren’t marketing their service. Most are sitting at the club WAITING for the sales person to hand them a client that just bought three sessions and received two free. Yea!

(Again, these shit deals are why the average yearly salary for a PT is around $30,000 and why 80% quit within two years of starting.)

Most all of the local celebrities in your city don’t have a trainer and probably don’t even know one. Why not offer them your service?

Why not let me teach you HOW to do this?

Why not grab my 50-page eBook titled Successful Marketing Strategies Used By Six-Figure Earning Personal Trainers.

It will show you EXACTLY HOW I do what I do. HOW I attained certainty in my business and my life many years ago.

In grabbing the eBook you’ll also receive the exact six blueprints/templates I used to nab all of my clients. You could literally copy them word for word and use them as your own.

But maybe you want to spend an hour on the phone with me. Maybe you want to ask me questions that have been weighing on your mind. Questions like, “How do I begin to offer in-home sessions, or how do I leave the health club scene and become self-employed, or how do I start an online training business the right way?”

I’d love to personally talk to you and answer all of your questions.

All you have to do is schedule a phone consultation with me. In doing so, you’ll receive the eBook and blueprints for free.

Just head here —> Personal Training Biz Consulting to get your questions answered. If you have more questions, NEVER EVER HESITATE to email me at mark@personaltrainingbiz.com. I will ALWAYS take time to respond to everyone.

Always remember that the more money you make, the more good you can do for people and your community. I want this for you.

Don’t be afraid to learn. Stop waiting and check out what I’m offering. What do you have to lose?

Here’s the link again. Click it! —> Personal Training Biz Consulting

Thank you so much.

Talk soon.

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