Since the inception of Personal Training Biz in early 2015, I’ve received too many emails, DM’s, and Facebook messages to count asking me many different questions.

One of the questions that gets asked the most is simply, “Hey Mark, how do I offer my service?”

A very simple question, but also a very important one.

It tends to be the question always holding a personal trainer back. The question that makes them the most unsure and nervous.

Here’s what I want you to do.

My advice should ease your mind. It’s so easy.

If the potential client asks you how many times they should workout per week just say, “Well all my clients tend to workout with me 2-4 times per week.”

With that information, you’re guaranteed two sessions per week with that client, but more than not they’ll choose three.

The same goes for pricing.

When you and the potential client are discussing package options just say, “Most every client commits to the 50 session package for this much… It’s the best deal.”

More than likely they’ll choose a package with 25 or more sessions.

Here’s a great example.

Let’s say you’re in the market for a new TV. So, you go to the store to check them out. If they’re all lined up on the wall from average to good to best, you’ll more than likely choose from the top two or three.

It’s how our brain works.

When a person chooses to jump into a serious buying situation, they will hardly ever pick the cheapest product.

So as a personal trainer, you should absolutely never offer it.

Always start near or at the top when offering personal training. Be confident. You’re the expert.

So what happens when you offer a little bit better price on big package of sessions? What happens when a person buys the 50 session package? What is a certainty?

Here are six.

1)  A committed client.

2)  Results for the client.

3)  Client “falls in love” with you.

4)  Client learns to depend on you.

5)  Client gets you referrals.

6)  You’ll become better at your job.

So yeah, when a client buys a bunch of sessions up front they’re committed.

At least they better be. They just dropped a pile of cash on you and your service.

This of course leads to fast easy results for the client. They can workout with you 2-4 times a week for a few months.

When a client works with you often, then will “fall in love” with you. You will become a huge part of their life, because you are largely responsible for them making a huge change in their life.

This will lead to great gifts and raises. And referrals.

They will spread your name like crazy. They will brag about you to their friends and family.

Believe it or not, you will try harder for this type of client as well. You will care more when you are compensated properly in your mind. This will make you better at your job.

You and the client will get to know each other well. They then will feel obligated to keep paying you. Feeling as though they can’t workout without you. That is a good thing too.

Over the last 21 years I’ve noticed that most personal trainers are always pushing towards getting their clients ready to workout on their own.

I guess these trainers figure that their clients will quit their service soon.

Why assume that, and why work towards that?

I want every one of my clients to never feel like they can workout on their own. I want them to rely on me.

Is that wrong? If you said yes, you’re weird. 😉🤣

When personal trainers go after a certain clientele and offer large packages, referrals come so easily.

When you reach out to their friends and family, you won’t have to have that sales pitch that scares the hell out of most personal trainers.

This is because most all of the information is already out in the open. Your current client has talked about you.

They have told their friends and family how nice you are, that you’re never late, and that you get people results. And I’m sure that your price has come up too.

All you have to say is that you’ll give the same “deal” to their friend or family member. Then the only question is, “When can you start?”

Again this is why I continually push personal trainers to go after a certain clientele. People that can actually afford your service.

Just like Mercedes does, you need to offer a top notch product and charge a premium. That’s how you get repeat buyers and referrals.

Will my advice in this blog post work for personal trainers that continue to resist my advice to only market to certain people?

Probably not. Just being honest.

You need to go after people that can pay you what your worth and continue to pay you.

That’s the only way you can get people results.

Then the referrals will come, you’ll get more known, and your business will grow. Then the worries will lessen, and you can LIVE your life.

You are a good personal trainer right?

Then go after the people that will pay and pay. The people that will send you their friends and family members that can also pay and pay.

Stop feeling guilty that you should train everyone.

Don’t let this politically correct world we live in deter you from being successful.

Have the guts to say that you only take on committed clients. Yes, be that personal trainer.

Be the trainer that only takes on clients that value you and your expertise.

Be the trainer that only trains people that can pay for the service.

Is that mean or greedy? No, it’s common sense.

Thank you very much for reading today.

Three quick question before I let you go.

  1. Are you happy with where your personal training business is?
  2. Are you making enough money to stay in the industry you love?
  3. Do enough people know who you are?

If you answered yes to these questions, I’m so very happy for you, and I’d love to hear from you. But unfortunately I often am only hearing the sad stories…

If you answered no to those questions, I would love to help you get more known. Known by the right people.

People that will train with you 2-4 days per week every week. People that have friends and family members that would do the same.

Just click here PTB Consulting to learn more.

After checking out that sight, I have a feeling you’ll be quite inspired and motivated.

All your questions should be answered as well. If not, just email, DM, or Facebook message me today. I will always personally respond to you.

Thanks again, talk soon.

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