Since I started Personal Training Biz a couple of years ago, I’ve mentored personal trainers from all over the world. Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States. It doesn’t matter where they live, because everyone is having the same problems. The struggles are world wide. Am I shocked? Not at all…(Read More)

Since the inception of Personal Training Biz a couple years ago, I’ve received too many emails and Facebook messages to count asking me many different questions. One of the questions that gets asked the most is simply, “Hey Mark, how do I offer my service?” A very simple question, but also a very important…(Read More)

I’m gonna let you in on a little secret… A secret that might shock some. Mostly unsuccessful people. One that many won’t believe for one second. The secret is that successful people actually DON’T have some sort of classified information that makes them lots of money. They don’t belong to some…(Read More)

Never change. How many times in your life have you heard someone give that advice? It probably started in grade school when we gave out our class picture to classmates and wrote lame sentimental garbage on the back like, “You’re such a great friend. Stay the same, never change, friends forever. Sorry so sloppy…(Read More)

“Ohhhhh I need to take a day off. I just can’t take this for one more minute.” “I need to recharge my batteries.” “I can’t wait until the weekend. I need to relax.” “Man I hate Mondays. The weekend was too short.”   Wow! Really? You’re so stressed from what? The quotes…(Read More)

Today I want to talk about “trading time for money.” It’s a huge topic these days. Wonder why… Oh yeah, it’s because society has become very lazy. Nobody wants to work for anything. Most want success handed to them, because they “deserve” it. People expect a lot for a little, and continue to…(Read More)

I want you to remember something. Write it on your hand. Do whatever you have to do, but never forget it. “There’s absolutely no such thing as overnight success.” I know you don’t want to hear that. Nobody does. Our whole life we’ve listened to wealthy/successful people spew out words of…(Read More)

Fix Your Attitude


ATTITUDE. Another item I need to address. Another ignored problem I unfortunately see so often. Another aspect in the industry of personal training that isn’t discussed at all.   Many struggling personal trainers continue to play the blame game, and fail to look in the mirror.       As I’ve said many times before, personal trainers…(Read More)

What’s wrong with the personal training industry? Will there always be this huge turnover rate of 80% quitting within two years? Why aren’t many personal trainers making any money? When is it going to get better? Will it? When will more personal trainers and health club owners figure out what the real problem…(Read More)

I’m not being arrogant. I’m being honest.  I’m a rare bird. I am a very successful self-employed personal trainer, and I never work past 4:00. I don’t do boot camps or online training either.   How did this happen? How could it?   The celebrity trainers are about the only ones…(Read More)

I’m exited. My phone consultation service has gone over very well. To the many that have completed one with me, I thank you. To the personal trainers and health club owners that are thinking about scheduling a phone consult with me, I thank you too. My advice though is to of course stop waiting…(Read More)

“I need leads. Where can I find some leads? I don’t know anyone that wants a personal trainer.”  Well, have you even looked? Have you even opened your eyes? Have you asked anyone? Have you done any networking? Nope. You haven’t. All you do is wait. Wait for the sales team to hand…(Read More)

So, what makes a successful personal trainer?  Is it their credentials? Is it their passion? Is it determined by how many clients they have?   If I asked this question to 10 personal trainers I may get 10 different answers, and they might all be somewhat correct.  For me it’s absolutely the trainers that make…(Read More)

It was inevitable. I knew it would happen. People were going to call me out. Sooner or later.  They were going to call me mean. Greedy.  Their eyes would open wide in shock when they read my blog posts and they’d say, “OMG how could he be this heartless? Everyone deserves a personal trainer…(Read More)

They always pay. Baby Boomers that is. They’re the perfect client.  As you probably already know from reading my other blog posts, much of my writing talks about marketing your personal training service to wealthy and successful people.  Ya know, having clients where money isn’t an object not only makes your job much…(Read More)

Most of the information and tips that I share with you comes from my head.  “Stuff” that I’ve thought about, and very much contemplated almost everyday of my personal training career.  Stuff that has been building up and literally hurting my brain for a very long time.  Some of the information also comes from…(Read More)

Everyone seems to be so worried about crappy personal trainers hurting our industry.   Why? Who cares.   The “experts” on the interweb have been warning me about them for years. Trying to scare me, saying that all the bad trainers are quickly “turning off” our potential clientele. So now, because of them, it will be even…(Read More)

Almost every piece of marketing advice I see in our industry deals with ridiculous flow charts, the god awful pillars of marketing and sales, and horrendous closing rate percentages. What a waste of time. When it comes to personal training sales and marketing, absolutely none of this garbage matters if your targeted clientele can’t…(Read More)

So, what type of people make the best personal training clients?   Who are your dream clients? Of your current clients, what do your best ones have in common?  I’m guessing your best clients are the ones that train with you 2-5 days a week. The ones getting results.  What kind of people do…(Read More)

Life IS Fair


Life can “seem” unfair sometimes. Many days there “seems” to be so many obstacles blocking your path to where you want to go in your career, your life. But the truth is, life IS fair. How can that be? Life is fair, because you’re the boss. You’re in charge. You’re at the…(Read More)

Wow… according to a handful of “experts” on the ol’ interweb, we should quit the personal training business. These “experts” are saying that we won’t be able to make it going the route most are going. They say that training clients one on one just isn’t gonna work anymore. That it’s just…(Read More)

Jillian Michaels, Bob Greene, Gunnar Peterson, Bob Harper, David Buer, Dolvett Quince…  These six are easily among the best “they” say. “They” say this, because these personal trainers train celebrities. With celebrities being supposedly smarter than everyone else, the rest of society should trust their judgement.   To every trainer in the world, training celebrities is…(Read More)

Let’s be honest. Much of the human race aren’t big fans of overly analytical pompous people with zero personality.   So, why be that person? Especially in our field. You’re a personal trainer, not a lab rat. Your job is personal.   To be one of the greats in your market, one that is…(Read More)

Is it programming? Teaching proper dead lift form? Talking about nutrition?  I doubt it.  I know what your fears are, because I’ve been watching and listening to personal trainers just like you for almost 20 years.  It’s not knowing what clients will still be around next month. It’s not knowing who will…(Read More)

Ok, I’m going to be upfront here from the get go.  This blog post will go against most everything you were taught, and are currently being taught by your superiors at your health club pertaining to the selling of your service.  The information in today’s post will probably upset the club owners I…(Read More)

What the hell is it with everyone telling personal trainers that their job SHOULDN’T be about the money? That your sole purpose as a personal trainer should only be about being sensitive to peoples’ health and fitness needs. Not charging what you’re worth. Not growing your business or your brand. Not being able…(Read More)

Maybe I have been too hard on you.  Blaming you for not knowing who your market is. That you’re setting yourself up for burnout and an early exit from this industry.    Ya know… Most people can’t buy a Benz.  Most people can’t buy personal training either. Why offer your service to those…(Read More)

Come on y’all… there’s no need for you to stare at another personal trainer and shake your head when you notice one of their clients has bad form.  There’s no need for you to go up to the trainer later and make a big deal of it either.  That’s extremely unprofessional…(Read More)

I’m sure that you have a great system in place for program design, but as many personal trainers have found out, it can be pretty difficult to program very far in advance for most clients because of things like sickness, vacation, work, and kids.  The dream of having our clients go through their almighty…(Read More)

Facebook Dummies


Here’s some common sense advice that I shouldn’t have to give you, but from what I’ve seen and read, need to. Don’t be an idiot on Instagram and Facebook. As a personal trainer you should already know that social media can be a fantastic tool for going after prospective clientele, not…(Read More)

Year after year. It never fails. Personal trainers everywhere struggling to find new business starting from the dog days of summer up until January 2nd. But from what I’ve noticed the last 19 years, the struggles last all year long.  Why get excited for the “New Year’s resolution crowd” anyway? Sorry, but for…(Read More)

Safe Is Cool


Keeping your clients feeling safe during their workouts goes a long way.  Do your clients feel safe?  Do you give them that “warm fuzzy feeling?”  ; )  In all seriousness spotting your clients is very important.  Some of you are like, “Dude!  Duh!”  But wow do I see a ton of personal trainers standing 5-10 feet…(Read More)

Saturday Works


Again, this past Saturday morning I was one of the very few personal trainers training. Actually I was the only personal trainer taking advantage of another easy way to make money in this industry. And I really don’t “need” to.  The worst part of this is that I was at the largest of the…(Read More)

Own The Room


In my eBook, Three Killer Mistakes Successful Personal Trainers Don’t Make, which you can grab for FREE by clicking the Free Download button after you click here —> Personal Training Biz, I talked about the fact that I’ve always been the trainer in the gym that everyone knows. I’m the guy that…(Read More)

The other day I overheard a trainer say that he just can’t train anyone before 9:00 am.  That he couldn’t be at his “best” until mid-morning.  This dude was being honest too.  He doesn’t have a sleeping disorder or a fear of seeing the sun rise that I know of…(Read More)

Good or Great?


“When you’re good you tell everyone.  When you’re great everyone tells you.”  Mmmmm damn I love that!  Wish I had come up with that one.  It’s like a perfect song.  When you’re like…  silent for awhile.  Thinking.  Contemplating.  Wondering.  Trying to deal with it.  You know what I mean.  Hopefully.   I…(Read More)

About Me


Hey everyone, welcome to Personal Training Biz! Here’s a little info about me and my project. I have been a personal trainer since 1998 and self employed since 2000. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree and studied under The National Academy of Sports Medicine. During this time I have completed over 30…(Read More)