“Ohhhhh I need to take a day off. I just can’t take this for one more minute.”

“I need to recharge my batteries.”

“I can’t wait until the weekend. I need to relax.”

“Man I hate Mondays. The weekend was too short.”


Wow! Really? You’re so stressed from what?

The quotes/sayings above, more than likely, are said by people that cause their own stress. People that have the wrong mindset. Negative people that hate their job, because they failed to learn how to get better at it.

Boo hoo… Pity party time.

It’s funny how everyone thinks that they work soooooo hard, and are always getting screwed over. It’s comical really.

I see a lot of lazy ass people in our world with the nerve to blame the world for being unfair.

Hell, I’m writing this on Sunday afternoon and I’m very content. I feel accomplished and happy, but constantly I get people telling me to take a vacation, because I supposedly deserve one.

I hate when people tell me to take it easy or to slow down. You know what kind of people talk like that don’t you?



Being a personal trainer isn’t that hard if you’re good at it. And I’m not just talking scientifically.

Yes, there are “those days,” but really? It’s not like we’re under an extreme amount of stress. There’s not that much pressure.

Take a shower? Be on time? Be courteous? Study? Learn? Tough stuff huh…

I didn’t become who I am by taking days off.

Yeah, I’ve been to Hawaii quite a few times, but every day you take off is another day that you might not be seen by the right person or learn of a person to offer your service to.

Being in the right place at the right time isn’t necessarily luck. You must put yourself in position to be lucky. It actually takes effort to get lucky. Strange huh?


I vividly remember one time very early in my career (waaaayyyy back before there were treadmills Ha Ha) when I just happened to answer the phone at a health club I was at.

This lady asked if she could hire an in-home personal trainer for her two children. Her daughter was a model and her son was an up and coming star hockey player. BOOYAH.

That phone call changed my life. It showed me what was possible in the personal training business.

What did I achieve from this one phone call? Much more than two new clients I tell ya.

Yeah, awesome, I got two new clients, but more importantly I got two perfect clients. Ones whose parents had lots of disposable income. Ones that would market for me for years. Ones that would bring certainty to the future of my business.


Ya know… I had some business savvy right out of college. The business side of personal training interested me, so I was always trying to think of ways to get known.

Common sense told me that an easy way to get known quickly was to hang around the front desk sometimes to greet people coming and going. I also tried to answer the phone once in awhile. (This sometimes pissed off management, but oh well.) ; )

Did I get lucky that day when I answered the phone at that health club?

Maybe, but from the very beginning of my personal training career I knew that I needed to be “the trainer” in my city as soon as possible. I knew that taking days off or being away from the health clubs would be very detrimental to my goal of dominating my field in my market.


In most all of my blog posts and videos I continually tell you to market your service yourself and to stop relying on your health club, but sometimes great things end up coming to you.

Great things happen to me. It’s like magic or something.

Kidding… I know why it happens and how it happens.

Great things continue to come my way because I initiate it. I never miss an opportunity to make someone’s day better by either solving their problem or by just making them smile.

I’ve always felt that one of my gifts to this Earth is to make people feel comfortable and at ease. I will not allow people to feel embarrassed or intimidated when they’re in my presence. I will go out of my way to make people feel secure.

It’s one thing I will always wish for my son. All I truly want is for him to feel secure in his own skin.


Because when people aren’t secure in their own skin, they put things off. Their dreams get pushed aside. They never think they’re “good enough.” They are always concerned with what someone will think. Their life starts to fill with regret.

When you’re not secure in your own skin you will tend to be afraid to learn.

When this happens all you’re doing is putting off what needs to be done. You’re not addressing the problem. You end up feeling worse. You won’t use your time wisely. You’ll sit and worry.


When you are afraid to learn you start to avoid situations. This then leads to you taking as much time away from your fear as possible. As a personal trainer this leads to you losing opportunities to get more known.

How can you take a day off or even think you need one when your business is nowhere near what you want it to be or where it needs to be. When your life is not where you want or need it to be.

I’ve been very fortunate, but I’ve put myself in position to be fortunate. It comes from continual effort. Continual work. PATIENT PERSISTENCE.

Hey, I’m not a saint. I’ve gotten “fed up” before. I’ve thrown a hissy fit before. I’ve taken days off before, but all in all I work everyday to grow my business. I’m in it for the long haul.

Success comes from CONSISTENTLY WORKING on your goals. Not feeling sorry for yourself and having a pity party a few times a week.

I know PTs that only train 3-4 days a week because they don’t want to work anymore, but then bitch about life. About the “system.” Ya know, that it’s the health club’s fault.


Generally most people are afraid to learn. A simple example is someone that’s afraid to swim will simply avoid it. They won’t put themselves in a position to have to deal with swimming.

Another example is personal trainers of course. LOL

There’s many scientifically talented personal trainers out there, but most aren’t making any money.

Why is this? It’s because they’re afraid of the business side of things. That are scared to death of sales and marketing. They’re afraid to learn.

This is exactly why I created Personal Training Biz. To help you to not be afraid.

And yet many will just continue to avoid learning how I grew a very large sustaining six-figure personal training business.

Many continue to take days off, because they feel they’ve had enough. They just can’t take anymore this week.

You didn’t know how to drive a car when you were born, but you learned how.

Why not have that attitude with your personal training business? Why be afraid to learn? To learn how to market your gift. Your gift of changing peoples lives through health and fitness.


That’s it for today ok. Thank you for reading and for the support by sharing my writing. I very much appreciate it.

I hope you notice that in some of my writing and videos I help you with more than the X’s and O’s of this business.

I will address what you’re thinking and why you’re thinking it.

I want to make sure that you understand that you too can absolutely have what I have and what all the other dominating personal trainers have.

You can make six-figures. You can have a gap-free schedule that ends at dinner time, so you dont’ have to work until 8:00 at night, and be away from loved ones. You can have certainty.

I want you to realize that what you have and what you’re doing isn’t good enough. All you have to do is admit that your personal training business isn’t good enough. Then stop being afraid to learn.

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