Since I started Personal Training Biz in early 2015, I’ve mentored personal trainers from all over the world. Canada, India, Australia, Singapore, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

It doesn’t matter where they live, because everyone is having the same problems. The struggles are world wide.

Am I shocked? Not at all.

Do these seven problems look familiar to you?

1) No committed clients

2) Having to sell (beg for money)

3) Continually handed low paying prospects and expected to “sell” them (see #2)

4) Losing half the money to the health club

5) A gap-filled schedule lasting from 6 am-8 pm (no freedom)

6) Burnout

7) An uncertain future (FEAR of being broke)

The personal training industry is broken, and it’s not because trainers are uneducated and can’t foam roll perfectly, or name the four fat soluble vitamins.

Ummmm are there four? ; ) Ha Ha

Those seven problems are why the personal training industry is broken.

Why am I the only one addressing these problems and speaking the TRUTH about how to fix them?

All anyone else wants to talk about is the science, (which is very important, but doesn’t fix those seven issues) or garbage tips like be sure to be on time, give a firm handshake, or be a good listener.

As I’ve mentioned many times in many of my blog posts and videos, those seven issues listed above are fixed by marketing your service to the right people. Driven and committed people. The wealthy and the successful.

People that will train with you 2-5 days per week every week for life. People that you will help get great results quickly, because they train with you so often.

People that won’t quit. People that will PAY and PAY and PAY. 

People that will give you many great referrals. People that will help you grow your business.

People that you will grow a great relationship with. People that will end up mentoring you.

The obvious truth is that clients that you can retain WILL get results.

Then their friends and family start calling. Then those peoples’ friends and family start calling.

Friends and family of someone you trained for two sessions don’t call.


Because you can’t get a person great results in two sessions. You can’t build a relationship with someone in two sessions.

So, what type of client is easily retained? One that can truly afford your service of course.

Why aren’t college professors, certification agencies, or health club owners addressing these seven issues?

Why is our industry so afraid to discuss money or marketing? 

Every other industry talks about it.

Do you think that dentists only want to cure the world of cavities and stained teeth?

Well, they do, but they need to get paid to stay in business.

Personal training is a BUSINESS too. Why not use your talents and be compensated properly?

If you’ve read some of my other blog posts or watched any of my videos, you know that I’ve mentioned those seven issues before.

So, how did I know about all these problems?

It’s because I’ve been watching and listening for over 20 years.

I just want you to take charge of your future, and stop relying on your health club to get you clients. 

I know for a fact that your club owner would love if you marketed yourself to the outside world.

I want you to initiate your own success. I want you to get known.

Why not get some help from someone that’s done it for over 20 years?


People know that having a personal trainer consistently is expensive. Let’s keep it that way and market to the people that can pay for it.

Or is that too mean or too greedy? Did I offend you? ; )

Stop the guilt would ya?

BMW doesn’t feel guilty for selling a great product and charging a premium.

Neither does Saks Fifth Avenue or Restaurant Le Meurice. You shouldn’t feel guilty either.

And OMG… all those damn training specials…

Stop agreeing to those. Are those “deals” helping you?

All they do is cheapen your product. Making your product more affordable with less value isn’t the answer.

Ya know those people buying those buy 2 get 2 training deals? Will they be able to afford you long term at your “real” prices? Maybe you don’t care.

If you want to stay in this industry for a long time, you should care.

You’ll never last in this industry if you have to look (wait) for new clients every week.

Personally, I like having some certainty in my job and in my life.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have what I have and have had for so many years?

The piece of mind knowing how many sessions you’ll do this week, next week, next year. Who your clients will be, and how much money you’ll make. The ability to be able to make future plans and not be nervous.

This can happen for you. All you have to do is let me help you.

In the past 21 years I’ve met so many personal trainers that were good at their job. They were smart. They helped a lot of people.

They still quit.

Because they were scared. They were frustrated and had no one to turn to.

They had no consistency. No consistent clients. No consistent schedule. No consistent money.

Those personal trainers failed not because they were uneducated. They failed because they trained the wrong people.

People that couldn’t afford their service long term. People that then didn’t get any results. People that didn’t give any referrals.

My advice is for you to grow your business with wealthy/successful people.

Once your business is rock solid, then you can begin to give back by helping people that can’t afford you long term.

This is how every business works. Yours should be no different.

So, do you want to know HOW I attained all of my wealthy and successful clients?

The ones that…

  1. have trained with me for years and years.
  2. tell all their family and friends about me.
  3. allow me to sleep at night.
  4. allow me to have this job without fear or uncertainty.
  5. pay top dollar, which makes me work harder to become an even better personal trainer.
  6. allowed my personal training business to be rock solid so I can give back to you.

Just click here —> PTB Consulting to check out what I’m offering.

All your questions should be answered. If not, just Facebook message, DM, or email me.

But hey, maybe your personal training business is “good enough.”

If so, great, keep it up. Otherwise STOP WAITING FOR A MIRACLE, and get some help now. I won’t let you down, I promise.

Here’s the link again to grab my top selling eBook titled Successful Marketing Strategies Used By Six-Figure Earning Personal Trainers, and/or to schedule a phone consultation with me.

Click here —> PTB Consulting now.

Thank you so much, talk soon.

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