Another item I need to address. Another ignored problem I unfortunately see so often. Another aspect in the industry of personal training that isn’t discussed at all.  

Many struggling personal trainers continue to play the blame game, and fail to look in the mirror.      

As I’ve said many times before, personal trainers only talk about, and only want to talk about the SCIENCE side of the personal training industry.  

You know that I often get upset because nobody will talk about BUSINESS side. 

But what about the MINDSET and ATTITUDE of personal trainers? Shouldn’t we be talking about them more?  

Ask any very successful person what got them where they are, and I bet they mention their drive and their never quit attitude.       

In one of my blog posts I wrote about how I became a successful personal trainer. 

Much of what I wrote didn’t address that I chose the right clients, or that I’m good at my job, but I did write that my success definitely didn’t come from me being some sort of a scientific guru. 

There are so many “smarter” personal trainers than me out there. Scientifically smarter that is. ; )     

I wrote that the big reason I am so successful is because I have a good mindset.  

I’m a doer. I detest losing and I don’t lose very often.  

I always received a C in PE class even though I was an all-state athlete, because in all honesty I’m a sore loser. But when I do lose, I learn from what I did wrong and then bust my ass until I win.  

I’m overly optimistic, so I know that I eventually will win. I will get what I want. I’m crazy passionate, and I deeply believe in a lot of things. I’m thankful 

Am I perfect? Not even close, but I’m very strong mentally.  

Of course I’ve had a bad day before, but all is well the next morning, because I’m so damn competitive. I’m what you’d call a killer. I always go for the throat. (Not literally.) ; )    

What does this attitude of mine do for me on a daily basis? 

It does many great things for me and everyone I come in contact with. It allows me to spread my love and passion for life. It allows me to Own The Room.       

Just like most everything that a person wants to get better at or master, it takes practice. 

It takes practice to become a doer, to be thankful more often, or to bury negativity faster. 

If you want to be a better putter, you have to practice. Not once in a while, but all the time. 

If you don’t put the time in and continue to struggle, you are to blame for sucking at putting. 

Having a strong mindset and a positive attitude is no different. You must practice and practice often. 

This is where I come in. I will help you by reminding you. I will help you practice.  

All you have to do is let me mentor you. 

It would be my pleasure even if you never spend a dime on my products or my phone consulting service. (But you’d be glad you did.)  

My Facebook/Instagram/Twitter page/blog will help you considerably everyday. All you have to do is pay attention. All you have to do is try everyday. Practice.             

This vibe I put out is reciprocal ya know. It’s literally contagious.

The more that the people around me “feel” me, and my lucky to be alive attitude, the more they are “attracted” to me. The more they want to be around me. The more they want to hire me or keep paying me. The more they talk about me to their friends and family. The more people that take notice of me. 

All of these things happen because the more I exude positivity, the more it returns to me. 

Ya know, this isn’t a “secret” like the best selling book suggests. Many people know this information, but just need reminded by the people that understand it and actually use it.                  

To me the glass is always half full. Yes I have my moments, like when my favorite sports teams play horribly, but I’m quick to move on. 

Most everything we get mad about or feel negatively about has absolutely nothing to do with us or our life.   

It’s almost like we as humans invent things in our brain that may happen, but probably won’t, just to create chaos and struggle. 

Like, “I bet that dude is talkin shit about me behind my back.” 

What? Really? How would you know that? Why would you think that?  

And who cares if he is. If he is talkin shit about you it’s hurting him, not you. Because it’s in his head, not yours. He’s the one spreading hate.   

Another example is if you accidentally cut someone off driving and they then give you the finger. Who’s gonna have the bad day now? They will. They’re all pissed off, because you made a driving mistake. Wonder if they’ve ever screwed up… 

If someone gives me the finger I usually give them a thumbs up. That I’m sure makes them even more mad. 

Is it my intent to upset the person further? Hmmmm maybe. ; ) Lol I actually just want them to realize how stupid they’re being.          

“I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet.” -Mahatma Gandhi    

That quote is sooooo money isn’t it.  

It’s very important to me, and I recite it almost daily. It helps me realize that I need to stay away from all the bullshit out there. To stay away from all the anger. 

Because of that quote and a couple others, I hardly ever watch the news, and I hardly ever read the paper. 

I unfriend/unfollow bitchy overly dramatic attention starving Facebook friends.  

I push away negative energy, and I kill pessimistic people with love and kindness.  

Of course I’m not saying everyone has a bad attitude or a pessimistic mindset.

Everyone has bad days, but you chose this life. Suck it up. Give thanks. Get to work. And maybe get some help from an expert. Let me help you. I have many mentors, and I’d love to be yours.   

It’s almost 5:30 am on a Tuesday when I’m writing this.

Today, along with Thursday I have the freedom to take my son to school, but I still get up very early to write.

A few minutes ago I scheduled a phone consultation with an expert named Todd, so I can learn more on how I can reach more people with Personal Training Biz. He will be one of my newest mentors.   

Remember that every successful person didn’t climb the mountain alone. They had a lot of help along the way. I know I did and still do.      

I’ll leave you with this… 

“You don’t need to go looking for happiness in your life. It’s right in front of you. It’s all around you. It always has been.” -Me 

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Thanks again, talk soon.   

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