In my eBook, Three Killer Mistakes Successful Personal Trainers Don’t Make, which you can grab for FREE by clicking the FREE 20+ PAGE EBOOK button after you click here —> Personal Training BizI talked about the fact that I’ve always been the trainer in the gym that everyone knows.

I’m the guy that beats everyone to the punch by saying good morning first. By making eye contact first.

I’m always smiling, winking, shaking hands, patting backs. Nodding my head, waving across the room, acknowledging all.

And I do this all day everyday. Not once in a while.

“It’s great if you know everyone, but it’s much more important that everyone knows you.” -Me

There’s a difference ya know…

Since you’re the celebrity, you want it so everyone knows you’re walking their way. That you’re in the room. That you’re close by.

There’s a lot to be said about a person that has a presence about them. It’s almost like an aura. 

It screams charisma. Confidence, not arrogance. Leadership. 

People know that you will make their day better just by that little smirk you give. Or by raising your eyebrows at them and smiling. 

It’s a powerful feeling being respected so much. 

Waiting an extra five seconds to hold the door for someone, or helping someone that you can tell is struggling to adjust their seat on the leg curl machine, even when you’re in the middle of a session. 

These acts of kindness may seem small to you at the time, but they’re huge in the eyes of others. Especially these days. They can do so much for you and your brand. 

It takes less than 10 seconds to make someone’s day better. 

Doing this is reciprocal ya know. Making someone’s day better will make your day better. 

I mean seriously. How hard is it to be aware?            

Speaking of a powerful feeling, do you know what it feels like to “own the room?” 

When everyone’s watching waiting anticipating what you’ll say or do?  

You might think I’m crazy, but having the ability to own the room is a pretty special trait for a person to have. 

To be able to be the “coolest” person in the health club. 

This is what you need to learn to do with every session. 

You want everyone near by watching in admiration what you and your client are doing. 

How you communicate. How your client is responding to you. How organized and challenging it is, but also how “enjoyable” it is. 

What works even better is when others notice you with the same clients for months and years. This says a lot. 

Not only should every member of your club know who you are, but they should also know who your clients are. Introduce your clients to everyone.   

Now when I speak on owning the room and being “cool,” I’m definitely not talking about being loud and acting like an obnoxious idiot.

We’ve all seen that…  ya know, the trainer that claps really loud while cheering on their client in order to draw attention to themselves. 

I’m talking about having an attractive personality. Being charming. You can learn to do this believe it or not. 

There should be no excuse for ignoring members, clients of fellow trainers, or fellow trainers themselves. 

It’s not hard to walk with your head up and acknowledge everyone. It’s not hard to smile or wave. 

How can you own a room where you’re a stranger? 

It’s funny, because I’ve been the most successful personal trainer at all of the clubs that I train at and have trained at since the summer of 1998.  

Over the years a large percentage of the other trainers act too busy to say very much to anyone except their own clients. 

That’s not how you look cool. That’s either arrogance or stupidity. And they wonder why no one gets referred to them…

Ok that’s it. Thanks for the time. I appreciate you taking a few minutes to read another blog post from me.

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Thanks again, talk soon.

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