Never change.

How many times in your life have you heard someone give that advice?

It probably started in grade school when we gave out our class picture to classmates and wrote lame sentimental garbage on the back like, “You’re such a great friend. Stay the same, never change, friends forever. Sorry so sloppy.”

I never wrote that stuff, I swear.

I instead wrote, “You suck at dodgeball!” Your friend, Mark


I doubt Steve Jobs advised his employees to “never change.” I bet he didn’t tell himself that either. Hence his quote, “Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.”

Successful people would never utter those words, but “never change” sounds innocent enough doesn’t it?

It sounds nice. It seems harmless.

But in all reality it could be the worst piece of advice of all time.

I understand that people are stubborn. People are set in their ways. People don’t like change.

Would you really want to change dentists? Hair stylists? Gyms? Personal trainers?

No, not really.  It’s inconvenient.  It’s kind of a bother. Maybe worst of all is that it’s uncomfortable and scary.


Although I hate the advice to “never change,” you shouldn’t make changes just for the sake of change.

Don’t change because it’s something new or different, or if it seems hip or cool.

If something is working well, why would you change?

Change is great only if it’s a good change. If it makes things better.

You only should change for the right reason. But to never change? That’s just dumb.


This is one of the big reasons I started Personal Training Biz. To help you make the right changes in your personal training business. The changes that will lead to more certainty in your business and more happiness in your life.

With 80% of personal trainers quitting in the first two years, the personal training and health club industry definitely need to make some changes. The right changes that is.


I mean seriously, is your health club still using lead boxes and making cold calls?

How many role playing sales meeting do you have to go to a week?

Are you forced to “hard sell” a member that is ONLY wanting a GA?

Do you have to fulfill a quota every month?

Are you losing over 25% of your money to the club?

Is the club running non-stop personal training specials?

If you are dealing with any or all of these, I’m sorry.


The health and fitness industry is making things harder than they are, and harder than they should be. They have been doing so for a very long time.

Hence all the health clubs that close everyday and all the personal trainers that quit everyday.


So what are the right changes that need to be made?

You know em. I’ve written about them before, but maybe you need a refresher. Or maybe you’re new to my blog.

There’s quite a few changes that need to be made, but I’ll give you three to get you thinking today.


1) No one knows who you are.

Does your dentist know that you’re a personal trainer? Your mom’s friends? Your boyfriend’s boss? Your sister’s chiropractor?

Does nearly every member of your health club know you? Do you make eye contact with them and say something to them every chance you get? Do you Own The Room?

Do you expect people to just stumble across you and your service?

Why would you sit around and wait for people to maybe approach you? Why not initiate your success?

Is having your picture on the wall at the health club all the marketing you need?

I don’t think I’ve ever had my pic on the wall. I’ve always turned down the offer.

It’s funny because over the last 21 years, many members of the health clubs I train at ask me why my picture wasn’t on the wall with all the others. I always tell them that I’ve never wanted someone to choose me. I choose my clients.

Quick tip: Make contact with five people every week. Five people that can afford a personal trainer.


2) You think everyone is a potential client.

We now live in a politically correct world. Have you noticed?

I’ve dealt with it. Many call me mean, because I only market my service to wealthy people. Local celebrities like doctors, lawyers, and business owners.

Oh well, the haters can keep hating. They’re just jealous, because I’m the one that’s been killin it for over 20 years. The one that doesn’t have a gap-filled schedule, or has to work nights. The one that isn’t burnt-out.

I want to help you achieve this. I want to help you realize that personal training isn’t for everyone. Many people can’t afford a Range Rover either.

People that can’t afford you long term won’t get results. This means no referrals and no business growth. No certainty, no freedom, and no happiness for you either.

Way too many personal trainers and health club owners have tried to cheapen our service in order to make it affordable for more people. Thinking it would help the industry. It’s done nothing but hurt the industry.

Cheap products and cheap services have a very low perceived value. People that can afford full price see the value in certain products and services.

You want those people that see the value in personal training to hire you. They’ll pay more, and they’ll also demand more, which will make you even better at your job. Then, they’ll never quit your service. They’ll habitually pay you for a very long time.

Quick tip: Grow your personal training business with wealthy/successful clients. Clients that you can easily retain. Once you’re business is killing it, you can then start to give back to the industry by taking on some clients that can’t afford your service long term.


3) You are undervaluing your service.

By focusing on tip #2, and marketing your service to people that can actually afford a personal trainer 2-5 days a week, you can charge what you’re worth. You won’t have to run specials so that everyone comes a callin.

When you market to wealthy people, you don’t need a sales pitch. There’s no need to beg.

Are you scared to offer your service to wealthy people? Don’t you think you’re good enough?

Do you think that the big time lawyer down the street is smarter than you? Don’t you think he or she could use your help?

I train doctors for crying out loud. They know the human body quite well, but need the appointments with me to make sure they stay active, healthy, and relieve stress.

You’ll never undervalue your service when you go after the local celebrities I talk about. You won’t have to, because it’s not a hard sell.

Remember that when money isn’t an issue, nothing is an issue. Potential clients will never come at you with the objections of time or support if they have plenty of money.

Wealthy/successful people will make time to workout and they don’t need approval from their spouse. They see the value in your service.

Quick tip: Only give a person a “deal” if they buy a package of sessions. Let’s say 20 sessions or more. Maybe you could give them 21 sessions for the price of 20.


So, what are your thoughts about change? Easy for you? Hard?

Do others cloud your thoughts on how things are going in your career or your life?

Are you surrounded by a lot of negative close-minded people?

Those people telling you, “This is the ONLY way to make this work.” Or worse, “There’s NO WAY that will work.”


Well, I’d love to help you make the right changes in your personal training business.

I’ve been in this gig for over 20 years, and I want nothing more than to share everything I’ve witnessed, heard, and dealt with. Everything I’ve learned.

So many PTs are struggling. 80% quit within two years. I can help you weather the storm and stay in business.

Maybe I can inspire you to work a little harder. To work a little smarter. To give it a little more time.

To focus on patient persistence.

To truly believe that you can make it and make it big doing something you love. Changing lives.

I hope you’ll let me help you.


Thank you so much for taking time to read another blog post from me today. I hope you enjoyed it.

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