I’m gonna let you in on a little secret…

A secret that might shock some. Mostly unsuccessful people. One that many won’t believe for one second.

The secret is that successful people actually DON’T have some sort of classified information that makes them lots of money.

They don’t belong to some secret society that meets every Tuesday night in the basement of a mansion.

The truth is that yes, successful people do “know something” that unsuccessful people don’t know. But it by all means isn’t being withheld from the general public.


So what do successful people know that the unsuccessful don’t?

Well, they know the ONE RULE that every successful business starts with.

They know what works. They know exactly how it works. It’s what has worked since the beginning of time.

No, it’s not designing the perfect company logo or having clean bathrooms.

It’s how they can attract the right people to buy their products and services, and then turn them into repeat buyers.

And they know that it won’t be an instant success. That it will take consistent long term effort.

They don’t lie awake at night trying to come up with some magic sales system that nobody has thought of.

They don’t try to reinvent the wheel.


In MOST businesses, everyone is NOT a potential customer.

The opposite way of thinking has hurt many businesses.

Hmmmm for some reason health clubs and personal training come to mind first. ; )

As a personal trainer or a health club owner you need repeat buyers. 

You need clients and members that you can easily retain.


People that want to pay, because they see value in you and your service.

So yeah, it starts with getting the right clients.

Then comes top notch customer service along with doing an over-the-top job so they then will tell all of their friends and family members.

Retention brings business growth. Retention will solve all of your problems


Over the past 21 years and counting, I have witnessed panic in the eyes of personal trainers many many times.

Seeing this has always made me a little sick to my stomach. I truly feel bad for them.

When they realize that the clients that their health club gave them weren’t “lifers.” And that they have to either wait for more horrible clients from the club special, (buy three sessions and get three free) or that they actually have to learn to market themselves and get their own clients.

They didn’t have anyone mentoring them. College and the certification agencies didn’t cover this topic.

They didn’t have anyone in their life that would tell them the TRUTH about the BUSINESS of personal training. All anyone would ever talk about is the science…

Far too many personal trainers and health club owners run from the idea of marketing their services to people that will pay and pay.

They feel that EVERYONE is a potential client. Well they couldn’t be more wrong.


Which personal trainers quit the industry? Which health clubs close?


It’s the trainers and clubs selling their service to everyone. The ones with cheap rates to accommodate everyone.

Ask yourself this…

“How do I get the right people to know about me and my products and services? How do I get the right people to buy from me?”

If you’re reading this blog post or if you’ve read any of my other “stuff” and/or watched any of my videos, you know WHO the “right people” are.

You just have to either stop being lazy, or END YOUR FEARS BY LEARNING HOW to market to these people.


Many personal trainers have come up to me over the years and said, “Hey Mark I have this idea to get more clients and I’d like to run it by you.”

The ideas are always something to help them free up time in their life, because they don’t want to put in more time. Burnt out I guess… ya know from training three hours a day. ; )

Your “idea” should be focused on getting known by the right people. And oh yeah, it takes TIME…

As I’ve written before, successful people trade time for money. Not only initially either.

Zuckerburg still does. Brandson still does. Successful people don’t just work hard at the beginning. They will always work hard. It’s who they are.

The only time I want you thinking about “saving time” in your life is by not driving an hour for an in-home client that pays $25 an hour. You’re losing money on that one homie.

Yes I want you to be more efficient, but being efficient isn’t about giving you more free time in your life so you can watch a movie on Thursday afternoon. 

Efficiency is about stacking your clients one after the other starting at 5:00 or 6:00 a.m. so you can then get to work growing your business mid-afternoon. Getting better clients will allow you to do this.

You won’t work on growing your business during all those gaps in your day. Those gaps are full of you feeling depressed, watching Netflix, or napping. Am I right?


Stop trying to drum up some magic system or secret plan that nobody has thought of in the personal training industry.

EFTs or half hour sessions aren’t the answer. Sorry, but online training and boot camps aren’t either.

These things MIGHT help a little, but they definitely won’t help you sleep any better at night. You will still run into many problems.

Do you know what won’t have you running into problems?

HAVING BETTER CLIENTS. This is an absolute fact.

Again I hear, “HOW do I do this Mark? HOW do I get better clients?”

Well, will you end your fears of learning? Will you stop procrastinating? Will you stop being lazy? Will you even DO IT if I tell you? Honest questions that only you can answer…


To make it in this industry you HAVE to get better clients.

Are you really gonna continue to rely on LUCK and HOPE that high end clients will call you or stop you on the street?

Ya know what?

They will eventually just call you out of the blue, but you need to initiate the process yourself by hustling and getting a handful of them on your own first.

The best businesses seek out people that will probably be a repeat buyer, as well as ones that have friends and family that would do the same.

Why do you think that Mercedes advertises on TV during big golf tournaments? Because rich people watch golf. Rich people buy Mercedes. Rich people hire personal trainers too.

Why not think along the same lines?

You can’t get sucked in by selling a few sessions for a few bucks. Your business doesn’t grow that way.

You have to keep the clients you have first and foremost. Then go get more good clients and grow your following, your BUSINESS. The old “get one lose one” won’t work long term.


When I talk about marketing personal training to millionaires, trainers get nervous. They are scared of what millionaires will expect.

Many PT’s think they aren’t smart enough to train millionaires, and they are fearful that they won’t know how to act during a session.

Well, aren’t you the expert? Isn’t this why a person hires someone to help them with something?

Wealthy and successful people hire lots of experts. AN EXPERT LIKE YOU.


Alright, that’s enough for today. I hope you enjoyed this blog post. If so, please share it with your fellow personal trainers and health club owners.

Thank you so much for the continued support. Much more to come, talk soon.


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