Today I want to talk about “trading time for money.”

It’s a huge topic these days. Wonder why…

Oh yeah, it’s because society has become very lazy. Nobody wants to work for anything.

Most want success handed to them, because they “deserve” it.

People expect a lot for a little, and continue to host lots of pity parties crying, “Life’s so unfair. I wanna be famous too. I can sing as good as she can. I can write a book as good as his is.”

This current “look at me, I’m so awesome” attitude running rampant in today’s society is so nauseating. Seriously… Have you been paying attention to “those people” on Instagram? Yikes. What a bunch of attention starved people. Smh

As I’ve said since the beginning of Personal Training Biz, it takes time to grow a successful personal training business. It takes time to grow anything. To get known.

With that in mind, I still want personal trainers to find success as soon as possible.

This is why I push you to go after the right clients.

Wealthy and successful people that can afford to train with you often which ensures them quick results and you perfect referrals.

These types of clients will never quit your service. They will enable you to NOT become a part of the 80% that quit the industry in the first two years.

This is why I started PTB.

I want personal trainers to understand that if they market themselves properly and GET KNOWN by the right people, they can make $100,000+ per year, and end all the uncertainty in their daily life.

But way too many are either too afraid or too lazy to go the route I took or all the other successful personal trainers in the world took.

They’re not willing to put in the time or the effort.

Far too many personal trainers expect their health club to sell their service for them, but then complain when they are handed horrible low paying short term clients.

Successful personal trainers market themselves. They go after and train people that have the ability to continually pay for the service. People that can truly afford it.


Quick story…

I had a discussion with this trainer recently. Let’s call them Chris.

They just couldn’t handle the “work”  I guess. Ya know, trading time for money as a personal trainer.

Chris told me that they drive around “all day” doing in-home sessions.

For ONLY $50 per hour mind you. ; )

I told Chris that’s awesome, because if this is the case, they’re making around $100,000 a year.

They then said that due to cancellations, sickness, and vacations, that there’s no way they make that much. That they actually make around $40,000 a year.

Ok fine, but they did say they drove around “all day” remember? “All day” turned into half a day I guess…


So, in all reality this personal trainer has a part-time job making $50 an hour and approximately $40,000 a year.

Gee, that’s awful I guess. Who can say that? Who would complain about this?

You know and I know that most of the planet would trade “jobs” with this person in a second.

I mean what kind of job allows a person to drive around (take a break) for 10-15 minutes in between short duties and make that kind of money being a part-timer?

What I really wanted to tell Chris was, “Why not just do a better job as a personal trainer instead of bitching about it? Get a few more clients.”

Otherwise, go back to school and get a different job, because who’s gonna offer you a job with a big yearly salary with health insurance and a bunch of vacation days with your Exercise Science degree? 

Are you going to be the president of a bank? A partner at a law firm?

What job can you attain that will pay you even close to what you make per hour as a personal trainer?

Sorry, just being my honest self as usual.

With the right clients, there isn’t a ceiling on what a personal trainer can charge per session or make per year.

You just have to put in the TIME, because there’s absolutely no such thing as overnight success.

The people that make it big really put in the time. And then they continue to put in the time. It’s never ending.

They just didn’t kind of think about it or kind of work at it. They believed in what they wanted to do. They had passion.

I am that example. I don’t need a pat on the back and I’m not asking for one, but I don’t take days off. Not yet anyways.

My clients get so mad at me, because I don’t take much time off.

Hell, even if I’m at a movie, my brain is focused on Personal Training Biz.

My point is do what you want, but go “all in.”

That’s what I did with my personal training business over 20 years ago and continue to do.

This is also what I’m doing with PTB. I’m shooting for the moon.

I mean you can’t sell eBooks or phone consultations like I’m doing, if you haven’t put in the time or had success. You need credibility.

Credibility comes from busting your ass for years and years. TIME.

Chris isn’t the only trainer out there complaining about trading time for money.

Tons of personal trainers have a dream of starting an online training service.

They’ve been told that it’s so easy. Tons of money with little to no work.

I always laugh when I hear that talk.

People that have built a large online following have definitely put in the time, and they have tons of credibility.

You may want to do online training. Don’t get me wrong, I think that can be a great idea.

But do you think that it will be easy?

Do you know how much TIME it will take to grow a large online following?

Do you know how hard it is to get someone that doesn’t know you to give their credit card info to you online?

I’m not trying to crush your dreams one bit, but you need to think.

And if you’re so quick to give up on traditional personal training, how much time will you actually put in trying to grow an online presence?

I’m guessing not much time.

Then what?

As I mentioned earlier, what jobs out there are you truly qualified for?

You’re hell bent on having one of those “easy jobs” where you don’t have to trade time for money.

Hmmmm every personal trainer that I know that quit the industry ended up in retail or a mortgage loan office.

Talk about trading time for money…

Seriously, name me a job that doesn’t trade time for money.

I’m guessing that more than 90% of the jobs on the planet are this way.


One more quick story…

One of my clients is a super successful car-wash owner. He owns a bunch of em.

He also owns a million dollar “boat.” Maybe you call it a yacht. Yeah, probably. I always call it a boat to give him shit. Ha Ha.

How much money did you think he made in his first 10 years in the car-wash business?

I’ll tell ya how much. He made a big fat ZERO dollars. Every dollar his first car-wash made he put back into the business.

You might be thinking he’s some dude with a rich daddy. Nope. In his early 20’s he was kicked out of his country of Uganda. He then came to the United States with a dream. A dream to be self-employed.

It took time. He made a ton of mistakes along the way, but he never lost his vision or his passion.

His first business was renting out juke boxes and arcade games to bars. Then he opened the first VCR and movie rental place in our city. (Google VCR if you’re too young to know what it is. LOL)

He was also the first person to buy a Lexus here. Crazy huh.

This story goes back to my last blog post. There’s No Such Thing As Overnight Success

Do you think that he was an overnight success? Not even close.

Do you think he still trades time for money? Of course he does.

His brain never takes a break. He doesn’t “clock out” at 5:00 every night like most of society.

Many people with the typical 8-5 job usually go home every night and bitch about guys like this car wash owner.

Saying they wish they had it easy like him. All that money. All that freedom. Idiots…

You think I’m gonna settle and say Personal Training Biz is good enough?

Hell no. I’m trying very hard everyday to make it better, so that more personal trainers can have what I have. No fear. Certainty.

Just like the car wash owner in his first 10 years, I’m trading time for money right now, and I’m only in year #4 of Personal Training Biz. I’m going to continue to bust my ass to improve PTB.

Many have told me that my writing and my videos are inspiring and motivating.

Well, you should spend some time with me on the phone or better yet in person. I take it up a notch. Ha Ha ; )

Ya know… I’m available to help you outside of my blog posts videos, and Facebook/Instagram pics.

I’d love to help you personally with your personal training business, but you need to let me.

Let me teach you everything I’ve learned in 21 years.

Just head to PTB Consulting to see what I’m offering.

Is it free? Of course not. If all of the advice is free, it’s not any good.

It would be like a free certification for personal trainers. How credible would it be?

Isn’t time you made a small investment on the BUSINESS side of personal training instead of only spending money on the SCIENCE side?

You want to change lives through personal training right?

Why not let me change your life by showing you how to dominate your industry in your city?

Here’s the link again. PTB Consulting

Why wait? Click the link now and check out how I’ve been helping personal trainers grow their business.

With my help I GUARANTEE that you’ll make a lot more money doing what you love.

Thank you for supporting Personal Training Biz. Stay tuned, because there’s so much more to come.

Talk soon.

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