“I need leads. Where can I find some leads? I don’t know anyone that wants a personal trainer.” 

Well, have you even looked? Have you even opened your eyes? Have you asked anyone? Have you done any networking?

Nope. You haven’t. All you do is wait. Wait for the sales team to hand you a GA. Wait for the phone to ring. Wait for some random person to just walk up to you to ask if you’d train them. 

Wow, you’re kinda lazy. Just sayin…  

Why not stop blaming the health club? Why not stop blaming your past clients for not buying more sessions? Why not stop blaming the industry? 

You are to blame. You are in charge of your life. Take control of it, and fix your problem. Initiate your own success instead of waiting and hoping someone else will do it for you. Success won’t just fall in your lap.        

Listen. Leads are EVERYWHERE. Ugh… I hate using the word “leads.” I hate it because our industry over complicates it. Trying to decide if a person is a lead or not, (interested in your service) wastes time.

Mercedes doesn’t care if all the rich people are interested. They just advertise the hell out of their cars, and market towards the people that can afford them.

You need to adopt this strategy. The strategy I’ve used for almost 20 years. I don’t care if certain lawyers or doctors are interested in my service. I’m just going to make sure that every one of them knows who I am, and what I do.

As I said before, “leads” are everywhere. In the newspaper, on commercials, on billboards, in coffee shops, at your dentist office, your church, your bank. 

I’ve shared this information with many many personal trainers and health club owners over the years, and yet most won’t lift a finger. 

When I share this common sense information with trainers and owners, whomever is supposedly listening ; ) they get all excited. Initially. Then it fades, because most never follow through.      

I really think that much of the human race is allergic to hard work. 

Everyone wants instant gratification. Instant success. Instant fame.  

Name me someone that made it to the top that didn’t put the time in. Name me one that got lucky. The Kardashians don’t count. ; )

Do you really think that Gates, and Zuckerberg, and Branson sit around all day watching Netflix bitchin about how unfair their life is? About how much they work?        

Understand that being great at something isn’t a walk in the park. You actually need to work, and continue to work.  

Hey you might be a great trainer, but there’s this problem. The problem is that no one seems to know that you’re great, and you aren’t doing anything about it.   


Thousands of people know who I am in my city. At the very least they recognize me. They know that I’m a personal trainer.  

I literally can’t go anywhere without running into someone I know. Some days I hate that. (When I’m at the store and they see that I have beer and Doritos in my cart.)  

As I’ve said many times in other blog posts, not everyone is a potential client.

Most of the thousands that know me in my city can’t afford me. I would never offer my service to them.

Some people (confused trainers and club owners) think I’m mean for only marketing my service to wealthy successful people.

This actually makes me very smart, not mean.

I love asking the naysayers, “Who’s the happy optimistic thankful personal trainer with the perfect schedule again? The one that’s self-employed and has been in the biz for almost 20 years? Oh that’s me. You might wanna listen to what I’m telling you.”

Ya know how some personal trainers have a niche in their personal training business? Like how some may be the trainer known for working with the elderly. Others might be known for only working with athletes, or people that suffer from diabetes. 

Well, I’ve been branded in my city. I branded myself initially, but the thousands of people that I mentioned earlier have spread my brand like wildfire.

Everyone knows that I’m the trainer that trains the “Who’s Who” in town. I’m the one that only trains wealthy and successful people. That’s my niche.    

If you are one of my newer followers and don’t know a lot about me, you may be shocked that I only take on clients that can commit to me long term. People that can truly afford personal training.  

This commitment leads to fast results for the client and easy referrals. It leads to many other great things too. 

Many personal trainers know of these great things from reading my other writing for the last few years, but here’s a quick refresher…  

Having only wealthy/successful clients allows you to be in this industry with no fear. 

If you are a good trainer, which I figure you are, nothing in your career will be uncertain.

You will know who your clients will be tomorrow, next week, next month, and in three years.

You will know how many sessions that you will complete each day, each week, and each month.

You will know how much money you will make next month and the month after that, which allows you to actually be able to make plans. Maybe you want to buy a house or an engagement ring. Hey, maybe you want to make a baby.   

Most importantly you can have a set schedule when you have high end clients.

You will be able to stop working nights, (wealthy/successful people can workout during the day) and finally get back to making time for your passions. Reading, working out yourself, spending time with loved ones, growing your business. I use my afternoons and evenings to work on Personal Training Biz.  

Ya know it’s virtually impossible to get burnt out when you attain a schedule like mine. 

My schedule is typically 5:30 a.m.-mid-afternoon.

I get to pick up my son from school every day. How’s that sound to you? Could you handle that? 

Now you know why I smile all day. Why I’m Mr. Optimism. 

How did this happen? It happened because I had the courage to market my service myself and go after the right clients. I chose my clients for a reason.    

I didn’t get to where I am today by being politically correct. By being scared to turn down the wrong clients. 

I broke all the stupid rules that the fitness industry has tried to instill. Stupid rules like that supposedly closing rates are important, and that you should have idiotic waste of time role playing meetings every week so you can practice begging people for money.  

I have a permanent smirk on my face. This comes from being properly compensated for continuing to share my knowledge and passion. For changing lives.  

When you get paid what you’re truly worth, you care more. You become a much better personal trainer.     

Why then does everyone continue to only focus on the SCIENCE side of our industry, and completely ignore the BUSINESS side?

I sure hope that I’m changing that with Personal Training Biz. I want you to realize that others will not make your dreams come true. You must face whatever is holding you back and beat it. Refuse to lose.   

Ask yourself, “Who would hire me? Who can afford to hire me?”  

Don’t you think you need to advertise to these people? Every other business has to. 

Do you really think that high end high paying perfect clients are going to stumble across you and your service? They’re not. You know why? Because NOBODY KNOWS WHO YOU ARE! 

Go ahead and BREAK THE RULES like I did and still do. I want you sporting that same smirk.  

Once you’re killin it in this business, then you can pay it forward and start to give back by training people that can’t afford your service all the time. It’s a wonderful feeling.    

Thank you for reading and for the continual support of course, but also for the feedback. Your feedback is what helps PTB improve.

You sharing my writing, your comments on my posts, the emails, FB messages, and DM’s truly help Personal Training Biz. I love hearing from you.  

And I’m sure you’ve noticed that I’ll always respond to you. Nobody else is going to tell you what I tell you. Nobody wants to be honest. Nobody wants to make a mistake and hurt someone’s feelings.

Is my intention to make you feel bad? Hell no, but it’s my job to get you to think. To open your eyes. To help you realize how strong you are, so you can face your fears.

Thanks again, talk soon.

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