They always pay. Baby Boomers that is. They’re the perfect client. 

As you probably already know from reading my other blog posts, much of my writing talks about marketing your personal training service to wealthy and successful people. 

Ya know, having clients where money isn’t an object not only makes your job much easier and less stressful, it makes it so much more enjoyable.   

Before I really get going here, maybe I should explain who these Baby Boomers are. I almost forgot in my old age that most of my followers are quite a bit younger than me and might not even know what the hell a Baby Boomer is. LOL  

People who were born between the years 1946 and 1964 are called Baby Boomers. 

They received this name, according to Google, because they were born during the demographic Post-World War II “baby boom.” Yes, interesting I know… ; )  

So why are Baby Boomers a perfect client in my eyes? 

Well, most importantly they have the time and they have the money. 

Successful people of course have money, but they also can workout almost any time of day. They can fill all those gaps in your schedule, because they have freedom in their life. 

They’re very motivated and driven people as well. How do you think they made all that money? 

They probably didn’t workout much before, because they were “too busy” making all that money. 

But they now regret that. They’re worried about their health now. They want to stick around, so they can enjoy life. So they call spend all that cash they’ve worked so hard for. 

They’re all in. Working out and getting healthier will be their new project. 

Do a good job and they’ll never quit. Ever. 

Then they talk. They start spreading the word. They start bragging about you, their amazing personal trainer. 

Their friends and family members start calling you out of the blue, because they too want to “join the club” of having a personal trainer. 

Those are slam dunk sales boys and girls. 

Those referrals will have two questions for you. How much do I owe ya, and when can we start? 

This is why I continually tell you to market your service to wealthy and successful people. 

You don’t have to worry about sales. About closing rates. About dealing with all the objections. 

You don’t have to cheapen your product. You can confidently charge what you think you’re worth.   

Some personal trainers, the young ones mostly, tell me that they don’t want to train these “older people.” That they want to train athletes. Well, go get athletes then. 

The problem is that most personal trainers don’t know how to get athletes for clients.

I do. That information is coming soon, so if you’re interested stay tuned.  

I’ve made a killing training mostly hockey players. 

Why hockey players you ask? Because it’s a rich kid sport. Their parents could afford it.

Plus I like how fast and explosive the sport is. I want to help kids with power and speed. So, yes I understand why so many personal trainers want to train athletes.       

Ok ok I’m getting off course here. Back to Baby Boomers. 

Honestly I don’t really care who you want to train. 

I train athletes, house wives, retired people, Baby Boomers…

They all have one thing in common. They all can afford my service for life. Yes, for life! 

It’s funny, because sometimes members at the clubs I train at, ask me how long I’m going to train certain people knowing that they’re in their 70’s and 80’s. Till they die I guess… ; )      

So when you realize that my advice is real, and that it works, and you start to market to the correct clientele, please realize that many of these people would rather not get too crazy with their workouts.

What I mean is, don’t think you need to impress them by doing some sort of CrossFit type program (Settle down CrossFitters. ; ) LOL Nothin personal.)  

Please don’t drag them outside and have them flipping tires and using battle ropes, because you feel it will entertain them. 

Yes yes yes there are a few Baby Boomers out there who MIGHT want that, but not many. 

Believe me. 19 years of training “older people” with tons of money taught me that they like to be “taken care of.”  

They like it when YOU hand the dumbbells to them and re-rack them. They like it when YOU grab them a sweat towel. They like it when YOU foam roll them every session. They like it when YOU surprise them by buying them a bottle of water.     

Oh and by the way, these people are far from boring. 

You may think that spending an hour with a person in their 60’s would be hell. It’s heaven actually.  

Wealthy/successful Baby Boomers are brilliant. You will learn so much from their experiences. Most will become your mentor. 

And once you build a relationship with them, which won’t take long because they’ll be training with you 2-5 days a week, they will want nothing more than for you to succeed.    

The idea for Personal Training Biz started in my head quite a long time ago. I’m so happy it’s in full swing now. 

I dropped my first blog post January 24, 2015, and PTB has grown to almost 40,000 followers on Facebook already largely due to people such as yourself. 

Thank you so much for the continued support by reading and sharing my writing. Along with the success stories you share with me via email, Facebook message, and DM.  

Nothing makes me happier than hearing that a personal trainer or health club owner took my advice and went out and “got it done.”  

After 19 very successful years and still counting in this wonderful industry, I now want to give back.

I want to share the real truths about personal training, and give you passionate overly honest information so that you can make more money, have more freedom, have a better schedule, have longevity in this industry, and live a happy life.

And most importantly, continue to change lives through health and fitness. 

I know that you are already a great personal trainer. You’ll become an even better trainer once you end your fear by taking action to fix the issues you are facing. I’m here to help.  

Thanks again, talk soon.

P.S. So when you going to stop procrastinating? When are you going to end your fear of learning about marketing and the business side of personal training?

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