Would you rather train A. 10-15 clients 2-4 times per week or B. 50 clients once a week? 

This is such an easy one. I hope you answered A. 

The scary thing is that so many personal trainers would go the opposite route which is a little crazy in my mind. 

These trainers think that they’re covering “more ground” if they train a higher number of people less often, because then more people will know about them and their service. 

I hope you aren’t thinking in this way. If so, I bet I change your mind by the time you finish reading this. ; )   

Common sense tells you that if clients see you more often, (2-4 times per week) they will obtain faster and better results. Clients that only see you 2-4 times a month tend to not make as much progress.  

Yes, there are exceptions, but in my 19 years and counting as a PT, clients that have a trainer once in awhile don’t do as well. They don’t get as much accomplished when they workout without their trainer. They won’t be as committed to healthy eating and exercise. There’s really no way to argue that.  

Another huge bonus of having clients that train with you 2-4 times per week is that they “fall in love” with you faster which gets you even more referrals. And awesome birthday gifts. ; ) 

It’s so much easier to manage fewer clients that train with you more often.

Why is it so much easier?

Because everyone knows the expectations, and everyone knows the schedule. It’s comfortable and never awkward. Also, I never confirm appointments. I don’t need to.  

Following my lead here will have you valuing your clients even more, which will make you an even better personal trainer than you already are.  

They of course see value in you. Otherwise they wouldn’t buy 8-16 sessions a month. More importantly now is that you will see more value in them.  

You will absolutely care about them more than a client that only buys 3-4 sessions a month. 

And as for you PTs that think you have a higher moral standard than me, stop shaking your head.  

YOU WILL CARE MORE about a client that spends $500 or more a month on personal training.  

Go ahead and keep lying to yourself if you want. Keep selling sessions for a discounted rate. Keep running those specials. Keep thinking everyone is a potential client.  

Or, listen to me. An 19-year vet in this business. Someone that wants nothing more than to tell you the TRUTH. The truth so you can make more money, stay in this industry, and keep doing what you love.          

When a client spends the amount of time that mine spend with me they become a friend, a little brother, a big sister, a 2nd mom, a father figure, a mentor… Maybe even the “tech guy” behind your internet marketing business.

You might think that this is dangerous. Ya know, getting so close to your clients. 

Well this is a “personal” profession. If you’ve forgotten that, or if one of the “experts” on Facebook told you that they made it big as a personal trainer by being “all business,” they’re full of it, and you shouldn’t buy into their BS. 

I’ve met many of those trainers in the past almost 20 years. They’re not in the business anymore. Your clients are buying you, not personal training.

I have mentioned this before, but many a personal trainer has come up to me and said, “Mark I want your schedule.”  

They want it, because I manage less clients like I’ve been saying. I worry less than other trainers. I know that my clients will never quit.  


They can afford it, and oh yeah I do a good job.  

I love when people ask me how many clients I have.

They’re shocked when I tell them that most weeks only 10-15. They train with me 2-4 times a week. It’s so much easier this way. Trust me.

If you’ve been following my blog for awhile you know that I start early and end early everyday. Roughly 6:00 am-3:00 pm. Sometimes 5:00-2:00. Whatever… And I’ll see a few people on Saturday morning as well. 

The bottom line is that this schedule allows me to have a life and avoid BURNOUT. 

I’ve avoided it for almost 20 years. I’ve avoided it by only marketing to people that can truly afford my service 2+ times per week for life.      

Not many jobs on the planet will allow you to make $30-$150 per hour and have every late afternoon and evening open to feed your passions. 

To actually be able to keep up with your own health and fitness. To read, write, see a movie, shop, go out to dinner with your significant other. To be able to be more involved with the raising of your children. 

Everyone wants a schedule like this. I just happen to be able to know how to get it, and I want to share it with you.  

Again, this is why I started my  project.

I was tired of the high number of trainers quitting the industry that has been so great to me. Plus, all the other advice out there is missing so many important pieces of information.

I will continue to give you this missing information that I have been accumulating for almost 20 years, instead of advice like, “Just be a better trainer and people will hire you.” Or “Screw it! Just do online training.” Wow. Genius advice… ; )

These same experts telling you personal training is a dead end. That you have no future. That going the online training route or doing boot camps are the only ways to make it.

I read a recent article where an “expert” said that he had to go the online route, because some days he would train four clients in a row without a break… OH NO! THE HORROR! ; )

Even though I’ve told so many trainers so many times why I train less people more often and how I pull it off, (marketing to wealthy/successful people) they still find ways not to do it. Fear I guess… 

Fear is dumb, and you know it. And yet it pulls you in and can sometimes freeze your every move. 

What on earth is there to be scared about? Being sought after? Respected? Having more money than your fellow trainers? More freedom? 

As I’ve said in many previous blog post and videos, “If you’re not financially stable, how many lives can you truly change?”  

Why did you choose to be a personal trainer?

I’m pretty sure that you chose it to help others. To make a difference. To change lives.

Guess what? Rumor has it that it’s ok to make a bunch of money while you change lives.

Financial stability is cool in your clients’ minds. It shows that you know what you’re doing. Weird huh?

Thank you for taking time to read today, talk soon.

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