What the hell is it with everyone telling personal trainers that their job SHOULDN’T be about the money?

That your sole purpose as a personal trainer should only be about being sensitive to peoples’ health and fitness needs. Not charging what you’re worth. Not growing your business or your brand. Not being able to take a vacation, buy an engagement ring, have a baby.  

Well I guess I’ve had this all wrong for almost 20 years, and I’m pretty happy about it.  

Yes, I know that being a great personal trainer has so much to do with how you treat people and the respect you show for a person’s struggles, but it’s almost like we as trainers have to apologize for the obesity epidemic or something. Like it’s our fault.  

Last I checked personal training was an occupation, not volunteer work. Although many are treating it as such. 

Personal trainers seem to be brainwashed into thinking that they can’t make any real money, and that they shouldn’t want to. 

Did any of your professors tell you that personal training could be lucrative? When studying for your certifications, was there any information on the business? 

I doubt it, and that’s a problem that needs to be addressed.    

Why do the majority of humans hate successful people? 

I hate Lebron. I hate Brady. I hate six-figure earning personal trainers.  

The other day I was driving to an in-home training session listening to Colin Cowherd’s sports radio program, when he said a couple things that we all know, but need to hear more often. 

He said, “If you resent success, you’ll never have any. If you resent money, you’ll never make any.”  

I love it. 

So many people hate successful people, because for some reason they feel that the success wasn’t deserved. That it was luck.  

Maybe just maybe Lebron was shooting hoops until midnight every night. Maybe just maybe Brady was studying film until midnight every night. Maybe just maybe that personal trainer was writing for his blog until midnight every night. ; ) 

This little rant of mine of course came from another dope posting a comment on a blog.  

I read blog posts almost daily and sign up for many email lists to hopefully learn something, or to at least read a different opinion, but almost everyday some idiot makes an asinine comment. And it’s always from an unsuccessful trainer. 

This guy’s comment was telling all personal trainers that if you’re doing it for money, you’re stupid because there are way better paying jobs out there. 

Really? I don’t know too many jobs out there where people are making $30-$150 an hour…  

This guy continued to say that personal training is and should only be about helping people etc. Almost like you should feel guilty if you get paid.  

Well that’s why trainers average less than 3 years in the biz. Because they didn’t care about money. That’s the problem.  

So what about other jobs? Should those people also just do it for the “love?” Or only personal trainers?

What about doctors and nurses? Lawyers? Lol ; ) 


The purpose of PTB isn’t to insult your intelligence like other bloggers are doing.  

I don’t think I need to tell you to always have more energy than your client, to ignore distractions during your sessions, and how to teach your clients to re-rack their weights like those “expert” bloggers do.  

I will not tell you how to train people either, and for the most part I won’t tell you how to act. 

You know that this is a “personal” occupation. 

Showing people respect, being on time, and taking a shower everyday is something you should have learned when you were in grade school. 

If you’re having a hard time with those three things, then nothing I share with you will make a difference.   

I just don’t want you to ever feel guilty about making a ton of money or for being successful. 

I say this, because this is a vibe that I get almost everyday. Even from friends and family. 

“I mean how can someone that counts reps for a living be making what you’re making Mark?”  

We all know that there’s just not a ton of successful personal trainers out there, with the 80% quit within two years statistic.  

And yes, I know that success is defined differently by different people, but how many FORMER trainers do you know? I probably know 50. No joke.  

Nobody will raise their rates. Everyone feels like they have to offer half-hour sessions, run boot camps, or do online training, because it’s a cheaper rate for the client. 

Please stop devaluing your service!  

Hey, I thank you so much for reading and for your support. I hope you are feeling my passion for the business of personal training.    

Much more to come. Thanks again, talk soon.         

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