Almost every piece of marketing advice I see in our industry deals with ridiculous flow charts, the god awful pillars of marketing and sales, and horrendous closing rate percentages. What a waste of time.

When it comes to personal training sales and marketing, absolutely none of this garbage matters if your targeted clientele can’t afford your service. I will not waste one minute of my time on this crap, and you shouldn’t either.   

So many personal trainers seem to always be working on a “system” or a “gimmick,” but nothing ever gets done. Just a bunch of talkin… Not enough doin… 

Their business never seems to get better, because there isn’t any retention when it comes to their personal training clientele, even though they may be a pretty good trainer.  

Instead of running deals or having role playing meetings everyday, raise your prices and go after the right market. Go after the people that will continue to pay. The people that will get results. The people that you can retain. 

As I have said since the inception of Personal Training Biz, these people you are to target are the wealthy and the successful. If you market to them and them alone, you will dominate your market, and will never again worry about money. You will attain freedom in your life, and you will become an even better personal trainer. 

People in our business need to stop feeling guilty. Personal training is luxury item, and it shouldn’t be cheap, and yet so many health clubs and personal trainers are cheapening it. 

In many of my previous blog posts, I’ve mentioned the horrible statistic that 80% of personal trainers are quitting within 2 years. Wonder why… 

It’s because of all the deals that everyone runs. They feel that they have to, because for some reason most are thinking that everyone is their target market. 

Personal training cannot follow the McDonalds business model. High volume/low cost will not work. You’re setting yourself up for failure going this route.  

In order to make it long term in this industry you must market to wealthy/successful people and do an over the top job.

Then the fear will stop. And don’t tell me you’re not scared. I’ve witnessed the fear for 19 years.   

Most personal trainers are pretty good. Why not be a great trainer and cater to a client’s every need that can also afford to keep paying you? Is that such a hard concept to grasp?  

When you show how wonderful you are, these clients will hand feed you their friends and family, who are of course also wealthy and successful. Done deal sales without the sales pitch. No fear. No wondering about next week or next month. No worries about hitting your “sales numbers” at the club.  

You will be “the trainer” in your city in no time. Your successful clients will want to tell others how successful their trainer is. That you’re the best around. That they chose the best trainer.  

Why is everyone so afraid to adopt this marketing strategy? Is it mean? Lord, tell that to the high end country clubs. The high end restaurants. The Mercedes dealer. Do these establishments feel ashamed that they only market to the wealthy/successful?  

Fine, go ahead and keep beggin everyone for money… I guess the other successful personal trainers and I will just have to live with the “greedy” label. Oh well.   

As you know, there are tons of “experts” out there on the ol’ world wide web. Some are truly experts and do a great job. There are at least half a dozen bloggers that I thoroughly enjoy and have learned quite a bit from, especially pertaining to the science side of personal training.  

Now when it comes to the marketing/business side, well that’s a different story.  

The other day I read a quick tip from a major player in the fitness business marketing realm, where they talked about how sometimes we may say too much when we have our initial consultation with a potential client.

Hey, I totally agree. It’s normal that many of us start babbling when we feel nervous.  

Well this expert said that instead of rambling on and on trying to explain who you are and what you’re about, you should “take control of the situation by asking a question.” I also agree with that.  

The part that gets me is that this little tip is of course about the dreaded “personal training is so expensive objection.”  

So when the potential client tells you that personal training is so expensive, this “expert” wants you to counter by asking something like, “Personal training is too expensive compared to what? Cancer?” 

Again, why waste your time trying to convince someone that has no business buying personal training to spend money they don’t have?

Sorry, but I’m pretty sure most people would rather be overweight than lose their house. Just sayin…    

As I have been saying for years and years, why put yourself in that position to be turned down because of money???


All the excuses will start coming at you. “Well I can’t afford this. I don’t have time to workout. I better talk to my husband or wife about this.” 

Do you seriously want to deal with that on a daily basis? Putting yourself in situations like that will definitely have an adverse effect on your closing rates. ; ) Maybe a nice flow chart would help. 

LOL In all seriousness, I have not and will not ever beg, coax, swindle, or guilt someone into buying personal training from me.  

Please follow my lead here. You’ll be glad you did.  

Ok that’s all for now. I thank you so much for continuing to read my blog. I very much appreciate you supporting Personal Training Biz where we’re almost to 40,000 followers on Facebook. 

Thanks again, talk soon.

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