Here’s some common sense advice that I shouldn’t have to give you, but from what I’ve seen and read, need to. Don’t be an idiot on Instagram and Facebook.

As a personal trainer you should already know that social media can be a fantastic tool for going after prospective clientele, not scaring them away.

My apologies to some of you if I crush your plans on keeping alive your 4-year run of high school fame, but as a personal trainer, Instagram and Facebook aren’t the place to boast about passing a sobriety test, or for complaining about the strip club you were at last night.

Not too long ago I saw a post from a personal trainer that read, “That strip club was dogshit!”

Cute huh…  

Ya think that maybe, just maybe one of your current clients might see your post? What about your boss? Your mom? Ya think that maybe someone was referred to you, (I’m confused how or why that would happen.) and is thinking about hiring you, but decided to check out your social media pages first?

Yeah, I know that you can keep some of your photos and comments private, but why would you want to as a personal trainer? I want people to see my posts. To know what some of my philosophies are. To know that I’m NORMAL, not an immature moron.

Maybe it’s just me, but all those pics of you and your crew lookin all torn up at the bar every weekend aren’t going to look so great on your page right next to the post of you bragging about your big time exercise science degree and 7 certifications. Way to look credible…

And don’t tell me it’s not a big deal in 2017. And that people are more tolerant. It is a big deal. Always will be.

If you want to be a big time trainer charging big time rates, you better adhere to what the majority of the public needs you to be and wants you to be. You are in an industry where your reputation will make you or break you.


The last thing I want to do or need to do is judge you as a person. I used to be in my 20’s. ; ) I’m judging you as a trainer. A business person. I’m judging your brand.

That’s what Personal Training Biz is all about. Helping you to grow professionally, and maybe a little personally too.

Thanks for reading, talk soon.

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