“When you’re good you tell everyone.  When you’re great everyone tells you.”  Mmmmm damn I love that!  Wish I had come up with that one.  It’s like a perfect song.  When you’re like…  silent for awhile.  Thinking.  Contemplating.  Wondering.  Trying to deal with it.  You know what I mean.  Hopefully.  

I have no idea who I should give credit to for that quote, but it’s friggin perfect ya know.  It’s a life lesson.  Especially as a business person which you are.  “No no no Mark I’m a personal trainer.  I’m all about the “science” not the money.  Business sounds wrong.  Dirty.  Untrustworthy.”  Yep, that’s why you’re not as successful as you want to be.  Why you have zero freedom. 

Personal training is a business first.  The sooner you open your mind to that truth the better.  Stop fighting it.  That quote is about kickin ass.  Believe it or not, contrary to what society has been telling you, it’s ok to make a ton of money and change peoples’ lives at the same time. 

Stop feeling guilty.  Ask for money.  Why are you afraid?  What are you afraid of?  Let me tell you something…  fear is dumb.  Fear isn’t real.  Seriously.  What is fear?  Being scared of something that probably won’t happen.  Being scared is a waste of time.  Why not ask that rich lady to pay you?  What’s the worst that could happen? 

I will repeat this next statement many times in one way or another so get used to it.  “You can’t change lives if you aren’t making any money.”  Who are you gonna help in this industry if you’re barely making it financially and have to quit?                  

Haven’t we all dealt with people that overly celebrate the first half of that quote I led off with?  I may have even done it.  Just once though and I was like 5.  ; )  It’s human nature.  We can’t help it.  Tons of people just fishin for compliments.  Over the last 17 years I have heard way too many trainers bragging about how great they are when they have hardly any clients.  They weren’t making any “real” money.  They didn’t last. 

Stop telling me how smart you are, because it seems as though you’re on your own thinking that.  I can’t tell you how many times during the week where I’m the only trainer training at a club.  At prime times too.  Like 8:00 am or noon.  If you can’t get a nooner, you have real problems.  ; )  Those trainers could say, “Well Mark we don’t see you at 7:00 pm.”  Thank God I’m smarter than that.

Hey, thanks so much everyone for the continued support of PTB.  These last six months have been a blur.  It’s been tough keeping up with all of your emails and Facebook messages with my following now almost 20,000 people, as well as the quickly growing number of success letter sign ups.  You know what? I love every minute of it.  This is my passion.  It’s my time to give back what I’ve learned in 17+ years as a personal trainer to all of you.  In addition to the normal blogging and answering emails and messages, I’ve also been bustin my back side on my new E-Book, and the release of my phone consultation service that so many of you have been asking about.  Oh, and I’m still training 40 hours a week.  Like I said, this is my passion.  I sure hope that you all sense it in my writing.  I want it to motivate personal trainers, or anyone for that matter that is unsure about their future.  I want to help end fear and uncertainty.     

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