I’m not being arrogant. I’m being honest. 

I’m a rare bird. I am a very successful self-employed personal trainer, and I never train past 5:00. I’ve never done boot camps and only a little online training. I’ve never ran ads and I don’t have an email funnel either. 

How did this happen? How could it?  

The celebrity trainers are about the only ones “doing it right” in our industry.

Everyone else that’s doing well as a personal trainer has no life, and is working 15 hour days. And they’ll never keep up with that life. It’s impossible. Burnout is inevitable.         

Sadly during my 20+ years in this business, I haven’t met too many trainers that were “doing it right.”  

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve met many many great trainers over the years, and I currently know quite a few that I would totally trust with my clients. 

In “doing it right” I’m talking about a personal trainer that…

1. Makes a ton of money per hour.

2. Has 15-20 clients that are all usually the same. (Retention)

3. Has a great schedule. (Doesn’t train people late in the evening.)

4. Is always “up” emotionally. 

5. Is always gracious, and… 

6. “Owns the room” all day everyday.  

This is why I started Personal Training Biz. 

I want more trainers to “do it right” and experience what I have experienced for over 20 years.          

Ya know… I had a very humble upbringing. 

I remember so many times when my mom didn’t have $1.00 to give me so I could go to the pool with my friends.  

You may have had a similar childhood, so don’t feel sorry for me. I’m not sorry.  

You learn a lot when things are tough. You learn what struggle feels like. You learn how tough you are mentally.  

Hopefully at some point you decide that settling for mediocrity will never be part of your life in the future.   

Do you know what I learned very early on in my life that I still carry with me at all times?  

I learned what being truly thankful really feels like, and the power it brings to my life. 

I’m not at all embarrassed to tell you that probably once a day I’m moved to tears, because I’ll suddenly feel overwhelmed with how blessed I am and how great my life is. 

Some may think that’s strange or wimpy, I couldn’t care less. I’m secure in my own skin. 

I just want you to know that you don’t have to go looking for happiness in your life. It’s right in front of you. It’s all around you. It always has been.  

Do yourself a favor and re-read the last four sentences. Never forget them.      

It’s literally impossible to feel stress or anxiety when you are feeling truly thankful.  

Try saying “thank you” out loud or to yourself (If you’re embarrassed ha ha) 10 times when you feel sad, or stressed, or jealous, or unthankful. It works.  

As you can hopefully tell, my purpose isn’t to only help you with your personal training business. 

I now hope you can see that my success as a personal trainer didn’t solely come from me being charming or good at marketing. 

Much of my success came from my mindset. My refusal to lose. My belief. 

In regards to my mindset I just mentioned, I’m just like any other self-employed entrepreneurial minded person. 

Don’t get me wrong, I have my days. I get frozen by fear too, but not for very long. 

That’s the key. You need to quickly be able to beat this fear. Again, refuse to lose.  

Can you adopt this mindset for yourself, or are you too scared? Too scared of what others will think? 

F them. F the naysayers. F the people that aren’t your real friends, because believe me, you will lose friends when you decide to take the steps to “go big” in your life and career.  

Those “friends” will be jealous. Jealousy is a horrible thing. It’s such a strong force.  

You need to be strong and believe in the passion burning in your heart. 

Don’t you feel you are worthy? Aren’t you special enough? 

There are a gazillion successful people out there. Why not you? Or is it too much work?     

I am a great trainer, because I CHOSE the perfect clients. Am I good at my job? Hell yes I am. ; )

But my clients made me who I am. They made me somewhat famous in my city. They made me successful.   

As I’ve said many times, scientifically there are tons of better trainers than me.  

I know a few personally, but still I make so much more money than they do. I’m much more happy than they are too. Confident. At ease, but still more passionate than them.  

That’s not me trying to be mean. It’s me telling the truth. As always.   

Success makes you hungrier. 

I want more personal trainers to feel this hunger. This drive.  

I’ve never once had to squabble over price. Never had to “sell” my service. Never thought about quitting.

Don’t you want that too? 

Why are you so worried about role playing meetings and pie charts and flow charts and closing rates? 

It takes a few things to be successful as a personal trainer or at anything for that matter.

  1. First, you must have some talent. Yeah sorry, but no matter how hard you try, you have to be good at “it” first and foremost.
  2. Secondly, you must of course showcase that talent through continual effort and patience. Work your butt off ya know.
  3. Lastly, you must market your service to repeat buyers. Yes, people that can afford you and your service continually.

How hard does this sound? It’s not hard, and yet trainers are struggling left and right. Standing around waiting for the sales people at the gym to get them another “buy 2 get 2 free” type client. What a waste of time… 

All you need is a few wealthy/successful clients. (Local celebrities) Why aren’t you marketing your service to them? They will send you referral after referral. That isn’t sales. That’s not scary.  

But still so many are struggling. Wondering if this gig is truly for them.

Earlier I mentioned that celebrity trainers are pretty much the only ones that are truly doing well in our industry. They are the ones with the perfect schedule. The ones that have certainty in their job. The ones making a ton of money.

Well, I train celebrities too. They are the “local celebrities” in my city. The doctors and lawyers and business owners that everyone knows. Like I do, you too can have the perfect schedule, certainty in your job, and make a ton of money.

You’ve spent countless HOURS studying the science, but you won’t spend a MINUTE studying the business.


It’s like a chef spending countless hours perfecting a bunch of recipes. 

They can’t then just blindly open a restaurant and HOPE that people come in and taste the food. 

The chef has to tell people. They have to advertise their genius food. They have to share their knowledge and passion in order to stay in business. 

Just telling your peers that you’re a great chef or a great personal trainer is weak and insecure.  

I can’t tell you how many trainers have told me how great they were over the years, and yet they had very few clients and are now out of the industry. All they did was pass blame. 

The truth is that they were lazy.  

Just a thought, but ya might wanna advertise your business so people will come to your restaurant and taste your food. ; ) 

So how about I help you get some people to come taste your food? ; ) Some high paying consistent people. People that will spread your name and your genius personal training service very quickly. 

How about I tell you this information on a call? Would you like to talk to me for an hour?  

You could ask me anything ya know. I will address any and all issues you’re facing in your personal training business.      

Of course I can tell you many easy, convenient, non-scary, and very inexpensive ways to get known by some high end perfect clients if you want. Clients that will never quit your service. Clients that will tell all of their rich family and friends about you. Lots more money. Much less worry. Much more freedom. How’s that sound?

Just head to Personal Training Biz to learn more about me. I hope you sense my passion, and that it lifts yours. If you have any questions, please never hesitate to shoot me an email at mark@personaltrainingbiz.com  

Thank you for your continued support of PTB. Please do me a favor and continue to share my information with personal trainers and health club owners.  

Thanks again, talk soon.

P.S. Wow, I almost forgot. 

When you schedule an hour phone consultation with me, you will receive one of my eBooks as well. It’s almost 50 pages and is titled Successful Marketing Strategies Used By Six-Figure Earning Personal Trainers.  

You’ll also receive a handful of the exact templates/blueprints that I used over the years to nab my wealthy/successful clients. You could literally copy them word for word and use them as your own. Between the eBook and an hour on the phone with me, a serious fire will be lit under your rear. ; )  

Ya might wanna hurry up and schedule a time with me. My open time slots are limited with me still training around 40 hours a week. Again, here’s the link. Click it. —> Personal Training Biz 

And just so you know, if you only want the eBook and not a phone consultation, there’s an option for that too.

Thanks again.

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