Year after year. It never fails. 😞

Personal trainers everywhere struggling to find new business starting from the dog days of summer up until January 2nd. But from what I’ve noticed the last 21 years, the struggles last all year long. 

Why get excited for the “New Year’s resolution crowd” anyway? 🤷‍♂️

Sorry, but for the most part, they don’t tend to make good clients. At least this is what I’ve witnessed since my first holiday season in the business way back in 1998.

Not sure why I said sorry… It’s a true statement. Plus I hate people that try to sugar coat facts that are sometimes hard to discuss or not supposedly politically correct.

I need to try to stop apologizing for telling the truth. 🤣

Bottom line is that most personal trainers are struggling because they train the wrong people.

They take on anyone and everyone to make a little money, and then after a few weeks those clients are long gone.

No results. No referrals. No business growth.

I originally posted this back in February of 2015, but I wanted to re-post it to get you thinking about what’s coming sooner that you think.

What’s coming is the trap of every personal trainer getting excited about new business and more money. The trap of you thinking you want those post Christmas clients.

Seriously, how many of your New Year’s Res clients from last year are still training with you? I’m sure it has “worked out” for a few, but honestly…

Go get the right clients and you won’t have to worry about new business, because those clients never quit.

I get the questions. 

“Hey Mark, how’s business? How are you so busy throughout the whole year? No one seems to want to hire personal trainers until after the New Year. (Which is false.) How do you do it?”  

I am so tired of hearing this. At this point in my career it doesn’t make me mad seeing the struggles or hearing about the struggles. It makes me sad… ☹️  

Many times I’m the only trainer training at the clubs I train at.

Some of these clubs are big too, with 15-20 trainers on staff and 3000+ members.

How is this happening? Why isn’t anyone figuring this out? 

The health club owners don’t know. The college professors don’t know. The certifications don’t address it. 

If most of their mentors don’t know, how in the hell are personal trainers supposed to know?

Well, I know. And the other trainers making six figures plus per year know. 

It’s not a secret. At least it shouldn’t be.  

Maybe it’s the individual trainers fault. Who knows whose fault it is, and who cares. 

There’s a problem, and I’m slowly fixing it. Well, I’m trying… That’s why I started Personal Training Biz a handful of  years ago.        

Not to be arrogant, but it’s never been much of a struggle for me, because I’ve only marketed my personal training service to the right type of clientele.

I CHOSE my clients.  

I never have to look for new business unless someone moves or dies. And if that happens I either ask for another referral or tap into my waiting list. 

I am busy all year round with pretty much the same 15-20 clients I’ve always had.  

I’m actually the busiest during those “dog days” of summer I mentioned, because all of my college athletes come home.  

The reason you may be struggling is because you continue to wait for people to come to you. 

Sorry, just being honest again, but not too many people know who you are.  

If you went after the right type of client, (wealthy and successful people) you would never struggle or have a lull in your schedule ever again. 

I will continue to hammer into your head who your market is, and why they are your market.

Because Personal Training Biz has grown so quickly, I am getting many in the personal training industry to start thinking differently. I hope you are as excited as I am.  

As you probably already know, a while back I added to my blog writing and to my videos by writing a 50-page eBook titled Successful Marketing Strategies Used By Six-Figure Earning Personal Trainers.

I also added phone consultations. It has been a great way for me to help more trainers and club owners on a more personal level.

Grab the eBook and/or schedule a consultation with me by clicking here. Personal Training Biz  

My #1 goal is to make good trainers GREAT. This happens when you make a lot more money, so you can stay in the business and help more people.

All you have to do is TAKE ACTION and LEARN. Stop the fear. Stop the excuses. Stop the blame game. Become a doer. Become successful.

At least grab the eBook huh? Stop waiting for better clients. Let me teach you how to get them yourself.

It’s only $39. Isn’t your personal training business worth that? Make a small investment in your business and let’s make 2020 your year. (Maybe ask for it for Christmas…) 🎅🎄

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Thank you for reading, and for supporting Personal Training Biz.

Talk soon.

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