So, what type of people make the best personal training clients?  

Who are your dream clients? Of your current clients, what do your best ones have in common? 

I’m guessing your best clients are the ones that train with you 2-5 days a week. The ones getting results. 

What kind of people do these results getting clients tend to be? What personality traits do they share? 

I’m sure they are passionate people. I bet successful too. And I can guarantee that they are doers

They are the type that have always worked hard. Always pushed hard. Always forged ahead.  

They’ve never “half-assed” anything in their life. They’re committed people. Committed to you and committed to your plan.  

They have an all or nothing attitude.  

They don’t skip workouts. They hate having to miss them. 

This type of person has a schedule, and they don’t stray from it often. When their stride is broken, they get pissed. They like order in their day.  

Your main goal is to get people results, correct? Well doers make it easy. They get results. 

They consistently work hard. Not sometimes like the majority. 

They are very motivated people. Focused.  

They’re winners and detest losing. 

They will make you a better personal trainer. Guaranteed.      

These are all reasons I only market to the wealthy and the successful. 

Doing this has allowed me to have peace of mind, no fear. And the ability to actually enjoy every day in this industry.  

I’ve witnessed so much depression and fear on the faces of personal trainers in the past 18 years…  

But still with the crazy statistic showing 80% of personal trainers quitting within 2 years, trainers are still ignoring the truth, and running from this supposedly heartless marketing strategy of marketing to people that can actually afford personal training. 

Instead most only focus on the science side of this industry and then pray someone will notice them. That someone will just show up and pick them from the row of personal trainer pictures on the wall. Isn’t it time you fixed your problem?     

Do you need more reasons to follow my lead? The lead of a very successful self-employed personal trainer that’s been in the biz for 18 years? 

Well, here are some more bonuses on training wealthy/successful people.

They’ll habitually pay you for your service if you’re good.  

Without even asking, they’ll send their successful/wealthy friends and family your way, again if you’re good.  

They’ll reward you with raises, along with amazing b-day and X-Mas gifts, yes again if you’re good.  

I’m sure you are damn good personal trainer. You just need to make more money so you can stay a personal trainer.  

All these reasons to train wealthy/successful people will make you an even better personal trainer.

You’ll always be on your toes. Overly attentive.  

Actually what’s best of all is the atmosphere and the vibe that surrounds them.  

My clients bring me tons of positive energy. Ideas. Work ethic. Confidence. Thankfulness.  

They are never depressed. And if they were you probably wouldn’t know.  

They feed off of having a so called bad day. A screw up makes successful people work harder.  

When you surround yourself with unsuccessful people, the energy is very negative.  

Then you are looked upon to fix this.

Well, it’s pretty tough to do this even for one session a day, let alone 6-8.  

The more negativity you’re around, the more negative you become.  

Arnold Schwarzenegger, probably the most worldly famous person alive, talked about giving back.  

He said that it was and is a huge part of his success, but you can’t begin to give back until you take care of yourself first.  

Some of you are pushing back when it comes to only marketing your services to the wealthy/successful. 

Well I’m not going to stop writing about it. 

Stop being scared would ya? Take action.  


Do you like begging for money? 

Do you like having no idea how much money you’ll make next month?  

Do you like making a small hourly wage, because none of your clients have the ability to pay you what you’re worth?  

How can you train people that can’t pay you? 

How will you stay in this business that not too long ago you were infatuated with, but now you resent? 

Who will you help when you’re flat broke?    

Thanks very much for reading.  

I want to let you know how much I am enjoying being able to show my passion for the personal training industry.  

The ability to have thousands of personal trainers appreciate my knowledge and experiences from almost 20 years as a personal trainer is an unbelievable feeling. 

Keep those emails and Facebook messages coming. I love hearing from everyone. 

Also, please do me a favor and continue to share my writing with other trainers, sales consultants, and health club owners. 

With your help, my non-sugar coated truths can continue to spread. 

I want every personal trainer on the planet to know that they don’t have to struggle with uncertainty and fear everyday. 

Thanks again, talk soon.

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