Most of the information and tips that I share with you comes from my head. 

“Stuff” that I’ve thought about, and very much contemplated almost everyday of my personal training career. 

Stuff that has been building up and literally hurting my brain for a very long time. 

Some of the information also comes from what I have witnessed, heard, and read in the past 19 years. 

I’ve witnessed and heard so much from so many. So many young, aspiring, and bright personal trainers getting out of the business as fast as they got in…

They all told me what was wrong. Why they felt they couldn’t make it. Scared to death about their uncertain future, even though in their heart they were dying to do their part. To help save this world of the obesity epidemic.  

Ya see, these troubled and confused personal trainers had no one to turn to.

I shouldn’t say no one, but there are very few who know the truth about this industry, and even less who have the courage to share this truth.  

There is so much bad advice out there pertaining to anything to do with personal trainers making more money. Or having freedom. Or getting and keeping clients.

All I hear anyone say is, “You can’t make it as a personal trainer by going the traditional route. You have to do something *different.* You have to run boot camps or do online training.”

Or wonderful advice like, “Make sure to be on time for your session, and always remember to be a good listener.” Ugh… 

Most, if not all of this advice comes from people that aren’t even personal trainers, haven’t been for quite awhile, or ones that were trainers for a very short amount of time.      

One of these former personal trainers who has admitted that they were a personal trainer for only three years is now a “science and marketing expert blogger” for personal trainers. 

Their awesome advice is that we need to end the “eliteness” of personal training. That this “eliteness” is what is wrong with the personal training industry.  

They go on to say that we need to become more approachable.

More approachable? Ohhhhh they mean cheaper…

They would of course disagree with my analysis of their statements, and say that’s not what they mean, but the truth is that personal training *IS* for the elite. It’s expensive, and when personal trainers and health clubs cheapen it and devalue it, trainers find themselves in deep trouble. 

Should lawyers end their eliteness? BMW? Country clubs?

Hmmmm they all do very well going after high end clientele and charging a premium.

So, would you hire a cheap lawyer? Do people want a cheap personal trainer?

The kind of clientele that you dream of wouldn’t hire a cheap trainer. My clients wouldn’t.  

The bottom line is that if you don’t retain clients, you will never make it in this industry.

Contrary to what all the “experts” are telling you, doing a good job is NOT enough.

The hard truth is that if a person can’t afford to keep paying you, they will quit, no matter how great the results you helped them achieve.

If we end the eliteness of personal training and devalue it, more people that shouldn’t buy, will.   

When you first start out as a personal trainer you want to train anyone and everyone. I get that.

The problem is that you end up giving in to the pressure of having no money and no consistent clients, so you almost give away your service.

Then, you find yourself trapped and never get away from these cheap clients that won’t commit long term, because they can’t afford to.   

Here’s a recent deal I saw.

Buy 5 hour sessions, get 5 half-hour sessions free. Wow that’s crap!

I don’t wanna even do the math to know how much those trainers are getting screwed.   

Is ONLY helping people enough for you?

I hope you didn’t say yes. If you did it’s admirable, but stupid.

If you want to continue helping people, you need to stay in business. In order to stay in business, you need to make money.

If you market to the correct clientele which are the wealthy and the successful as I’ve stated in almost every one of my blog posts, you will end your worries, keep your sanity, add freedom to your life, and make a ton of money.

I’ve said this a hundred times in one way or another, but here it is again. “How can you change lives if you don’t have any money?”    

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Remember, I’m different. I’ve actually done the “job” for 19 years, and continue to do so. I share ACTIONABLE strategies on a daily basis. NOT FLUFF. 

I know that you’ll find some information that will inspire and motivate you to forge ahead through the tough times, so that you can continue to do what you love.

Information that will hopefully entice you to go against the norm, so that you can dominate your market and think differently about this industry.

Thanks again, talk soon.

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