So, what makes a successful personal trainer? 

Is it their credentials? Is it their passion? Is it determined by how many clients they have?  

If I asked this question to 10 personal trainers I may get 10 different answers, and they might all be somewhat correct. 

For me it’s absolutely the trainers that make the most money. If they’re making a ton of money compared to all the other trainers around them, they’re doing most everything correct. 

The jealous less successful trainers will definitely be talking behind the top trainer’s back, saying how they can’t understand why so many people are continuing to pay that person when they are so much smarter than they are. Gotta love the jealous types…   

In my eBook titled Three Killer Mistakes Successful Personal Trainers Don’t Make, I mentioned the fact that trainers can only fool a client for so long.  

Maybe you notice that a very successful personal trainer has had a client for quite some time, but the client hasn’t gotten any stronger or lost any body fat that you can tell.

You wonder how in the world can that trainer still be getting paid. You guarantee that if you trained that person, they’d be so much stronger and leaner. Are ya sure? 

Maybe just maybe that trainer you resent so much is giving that client exactly what they need. Don’t you think that if the client felt that they weren’t getting anything out of working with this trainer, they would quit? 

Maybe they connect on a different level. Maybe the client just wants someone to confide in. Maybe the client just wants a good workout three days a week, and is willing to pay this trainer big bucks because they trust them like no other.  

I know that we’ve all noticed some suspect training being done by some very busy successful trainers, but you can’t hate on those trainers because they’re doing something right.  

Hell, I have a couple clients that don’t have the best form, and I’ve been training them for over 10 years. 

Listen… Our clients are smarter than you think. As I said before, they would quit paying if it wasn’t helping their life.  

Funny thing is that I’ve also seen plenty of brilliant trainers with very few clients. They tend to resent the busy trainers that might have less education. 

Hey I get that, but maybe fix your own problem instead of hating on someone that you feel doesn’t deserve to be successful.  

When I have spoken with other trainers on the subject of what makes a successful personal trainer, many of them head straight to the topic of degrees and certifications. 

They are certainly correct that education needs to be the foundation of the personal training industry, but so much more goes into being successful in it.  

Success is defined differently by many, but something to always remember, (And if you forget don’t worry, because I promise to repeat this next statement often.) 

“You can’t make a difference if you aren’t making any money.” 

In other words, you must make more money so you can continue to share your health and fitness knowledge in order to change the lives of others.       

Many get upset with me when I tell them that the best personal trainers are the ones that make the most money. I ask them how this can’t be true unless a trainer hates money.  

I haven’t met any of these trainers. Have you? 

Think about it. 

Which dentist office is the best? The busiest one. 

Who is the best massage therapist around? The one that can’t fit you in for another two weeks. 

If you were looking for a new hair stylist would you pick one that always had openings? I doubt it.  

As I’ve said in many of my previous blog posts, most personal trainers are pretty good at their job. They’re just not making enough money to stay a personal trainer.     

Here’s an idea for the no client having cocky genius guru personal trainer that I’ve seen so many times in the past 19 years. 

Maybe ask the so called less educated super busy trainer for some advice on how to be more charming and charismatic. Or would that be beneath you? Maybe in return they’ll ask you how to isolate their serratus anterior. Lol. Just messin guys. Calm down. ; )  

But seriously I usually just smile and ignore the pompous personal trainer that has zero personality knowing that they have no future in the industry.  

When the topic of marketing or the business side of personal training comes up, their faces turn bright red in fear and frustration. They don’t think that they should have to market their business. 

Sorry, but I have no time for the “all knowing.” The omniscient. Wow, my vocab is expanding. ; )

Ya know I still learn everyday, and I’ve been at this for almost 20 years. I’ll never stop trying to learn. Science, business, or life.  

The famous UCLA coach John Wooden said, “What counts is what you learn after you know it all.”        

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