The other day I overheard a trainer say that he just can’t train anyone before 9:00 am.  That he couldn’t be at his “best” until mid-morning.  This dude was being honest too.  He doesn’t have a sleeping disorder or a fear of seeing the sun rise that I know of.  Either he’s hung over every morning or he’s just not very bright.  Bottom line, depending on what he makes per hour, is that he’s missing out on $25,000+ a year skipping the 6:00-8:00 am timeslots everyday. 

As early as possible in your career you’ll want to start your day early and end it mid-afternoon.  This might mean busting your rump marketing for a few months, but this will pay off.  Soon enough your late afternoons and evenings can be reserved for your passions in life.  Reading, movies, writing, hanging with your friends.  Family.  Maybe keeping up with your own workouts and maybe keeping that thing called your sanity.   

This same trainer said that he saves the 6:00 pm slot for his best clients.  Really?  Why is he continuing to work so late?  Oh because he doesn’t know how to fill his daytime slots…  Working that late every night won’t allow you to have a relationship with anyone that will last.  What if you have kids?  Burn out is inevitable. 

What makes the 6:00 pm timeslot so great anyways?  I don’t want clients that don’t have flexibility in their schedule.  I want clients that beg for a 10:00 am or a 2:00 pm.  You’ll say, “Well Mark, most people work from 8-5…”  Yeah.  So.  I don’t want those clients.  Those clients have zero freedom in their life. 

How often do you think they’ll skip their 6:00 or 7:00 pm session with you, because they had to run an errand or want to go to their kid’s concert?  Maybe they just got whooped at work today and are exhausted.  The hard truth is that most people with a typical 8-5 job shouldn’t be your target market. You can go ahead and market to them if you want, but you’ll be replacing them left and right.  How will you grow your business if you can’t retain your clients?  

You need to figure out who your market is.  This is the absolute #1 tip I can give you.  I’ve been telling you this for quite some time now.  And many times I’ve told you who it is.  This supposedly secret information that I have been sharing the past year has ruffled some feathers.  Oh well.  

I have been focusing on topics that most personal trainers and health club owners are scared to talk about.  You know, things like telling you to only market your service to people that can afford it, telling you to stop offering half hour sessions, and telling you to stop relying on the club to get you clients, because of all the deals and specials they run.  

Well, if you’ve been reading my blog you know that I’m slightly overly honest.  ; )  That I refuse to sugar coat any topic that I write about.  This will always be the case.  You deserve the truth.  These truths you will learn and have learned from me through Personal Training Biz will allow you to have a job that really isn’t a job.  You will have a perfect schedule. You will make a ton of money.  You will become a happier trainer.  A better trainer.  Not a worry in the world.  Zero stress.  Freedom.   

Hey, real quick.  If you’re a new follower and haven’t heard, I recently began offering phone consultations.  They are going very well.  I very much enjoy mentoring personal trainers and health club owners from around the world.  During an hour on the phone with me, you will be able to have any question answered and any problem your facing as a personal trainer or club owner fixed.  Believe me, after 17 years I’ve seen and heard it all.  Nothing will shock me or stump me.

I also recently launched my new 50 page E-Book titled Successful Marketing Strategies Used By Six-Figure Earning Personal Trainers.  It focuses on HOW to market to high end clientele.  People that will train with you 2-4 times per week every week, which will of course allow you to get them great results quickly.  Then they’ll send you high quality referral after referral.  People that will end your fear in this industry, and like I said earlier, make you a happier even better personal trainer.  These people?  The wealthy and the successful of course.  Just head to PTB Consulting to learn more.  Make sure to watch the short video.  Rumor has it that it’s very inspiring and motivating.  Thank you, talk soon.


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