So I noticed something the other day.

It was something that I was accustomed to seeing, but strangely it made me stop what I was doing and think for a moment. 

What I saw has been going on for as long as I can remember, but for some reason it really opened my eyes that day to really how bad it has become.

Personal trainers are nowhere to be found during the day, but before 8:00 and after 5:00, they’re everywhere.

Yes I’ve touched on this problem before, but it really hit home the other day and I don’t know why. Why now? 

Health clubs empty of personal trainers during the day is easily a top five reason for their very high turnover rate. 80% quit within two years. How’s that for a high turnover rate?  

No joke. Personal trainers are dropping like flies. 

I want to do everything I can to lower that unbelievably high percentage.  

Believe me, failing personal trainers won’t help our industry like you might be thinking. It won’t mean more clients for the rest of us. 

Lack of consistency, lack of trust, and lack of credibility will hurt any industry terribly.     

Maybe it was perfect timing that I really took notice that day. So I could write about it.  

I mean seriously, I have known about this and have seen this for so many years.

Most days I’m elated that my clients and I have the place to ourselves, but with my Personal Training Biz project in full swing I guess I was really taken aback by the solitude I was feeling as a personal trainer. Our industry looks horrible when there’s one trainer on the floor.           

As you probably already know, my training schedule is too good to be true.

I start early and end early everyday. I generally train straight through from 5:00 or 6:00 am-2:00 or 3:00 pm.  

Fellow trainers consistently tell me they’d love to have my schedule, but walk away in fear and frustration when I tell them how I pull it off.

It sounds too ballsy to most. Too hard to others.

Ya see, I made this schedule. It didn’t just happen.

I chose my clients. I chose them, because they had a couple characteristics that made them perfect for me and my life. 

When I get a referral or someone calls me or emails me out of the blue, I decide if they get to work with me.  

Re-read that. I said that I DECIDE.  

I never ever automatically take a person on as a client, just because they want to work with me.

Like I said, they have to fit me. Not the other way around.                

I’ve heard it. You have told me. That you hate that big ol’ gap in your schedule everyday. Yet you leave the club during the hours you’d like to be training? 

Yeah I get it. You’ve had enough because you got up early for a couple sessions, so now you’re going home to go back to bed. Depressed.  

You need to be back at 12:30 for a half-hour session, and then you’re off until 5:00. Then three more sessions after that. 

Let me ask you this. Who’s at the club during the day? 

Oh, you don’t know because you’re never there during those hours, and yet you tell me that you’d die to train 6:00-3:00 straight.  

I know who’s at the club during the day. A lot of people with money and freedom, that’s who.

It’s a gold mine I tell ya. Ya might wanna stick around and get to know em.  

I bet you $100 that a minimum of three of your nighttime clients cancel every week. Am I right? Why why why market to those 8 to 5ers?    

I know you’re probably having a hard time believing that you can actually train people all day and be done by 3:00.  

All I’m asking is that you meet me half way and think about what I’m saying. Stop worrying about what others think, and start taking control of your future.    

One more thing.  

Ya know… burnout is inevitable if you stick with that “normal” personal trainer schedule. You won’t last. You can’t.  

Just because the majority of the world works during the day, doesn’t mean you have to train them.

Again, stop thinking that everyone is a potential client.

Pick who you want to work with. Pick who fits you. Directly market to them.

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Ok, that’s all for today. Thank you for reading and for supporting me and Personal Training Biz.

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