Everyone seems to be so worried about crappy personal trainers hurting our industry.  

Why? Who cares.  

The “experts” on the interweb have been warning me about them for years. Trying to scare me, saying that all the bad trainers are quickly “turning off” our potential clientele. So now, because of them, it will be even harder to make it in the industry. 

Oh no! : ( What shall we do? Lol 

These “gurus” want these horrible low ballin uneducated personal trainers to stop charging so little, preferably quit, because supposedly sooner or later this will force us to lower our prices too.

I mean we all know that the general public loves a cheap product that screams of horrible service. Our clients will for sure leave us and run to the lowest bidder. (I sure hope you sense my sarcasm.)      

“Every industry has people that give it a bad name, but the best don’t complain. They only worry about themselves and how they can provide the absolute best service and experience.” 

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I feel that the quote above is a huge point that needs to be made. Especially to all those gurus.

Stop blaming others. Stop the excuses. 

All those under charging bad trainers… Don’t worry about them. They’ll weed themselves out. I promise. 

Never ever lower your prices. You don’t want clients that want “cheaper.” Cheap sucks.      

You have probably noticed that in much of my writing/videos I purposely try to make you uncomfortable. I want you to think. I will ask you tough questions. I will motivate you to go against popular thinking. Popular thinking that isn’t working, and never will.  

I can almost guarantee that you are a good personal trainer. You just need to trust me. Listen to my advice. The advice of a pretty damn successful personal trainer that has been dominating his market for over 20 years. 

Or you can keep struggling to make consistent money in this industry, and keep worrying if you can someday impress your boss by mastering your weekly role playing meeting. ; ) 

I’m not here to insult your intelligence like many other bloggers do. I will not try telling you how to train your clients. With so many of “them” teaching you how to train, why do so many personal trainers continue to fail? 

I mean everywhere you look, some “expert” is trying to teach us how to isolate the VMO.  

Hey everybody! Guess what? Science is not the problem.

Again I can almost guarantee that you are a scientifically good personal trainer. You study your ass off all the time researching. Because it’s your passion. Trying to take in every ounce of information pertaining to health, fitness, and nutrition. Reading from some of the best minds on the planet.  

With so much phenomenal science based information at our finger tips, how in the world are 80% of personal trainers quitting within 2 years? Why is there so much failure?  

There are hundreds of past and present personal trainers teaching the science of personal training on the web. Again, science is not the problem.

The absolute truth is that struggling personal trainers are just not training the right people.   

I’m that happy confident optimistic thankful personal trainer. (Sometimes resented by other trainers over the past 20+ years.)

I don’t worry about other personal trainers. How they train or what they charge.  

I don’t worry about my future, or if my clients will stay with me. I don’t need to.  

I CHOSE the right clients to train. I CHOSE to market my service to the wealthy and the successful, because money isn’t an issue for them.  

Ya know what? Because of this, there aren’t any other objections to worry about. The money objection controls everything. 

If money is an objection, all the other excuses come out.

People with lots of disposable income don’t have excuses. They will make time to workout. They don’t need to ask for permission from their spouse. They don’t need support from others to commit to you and your service.  

So why are you continuing to let your health club CHOOSE your clients? Why are you continuing to cheapen your service by running deals and specials?

Something to think about…

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