Maybe I have been too hard on you. 

Blaming you for not knowing who your market is. That you’re setting yourself up for burnout and an early exit from this industry.   

Ya know… Most people can’t buy a Benz. 

Most people can’t buy personal training either. Why offer your service to those who can’t afford it long term? 

But how were you supposed to know this early on when all you wanted to do was to hang at the gym and help some people with their health and fitness goals? 

The people leading the way (professors, certification designers, health club owners) didn’t tell you the most important bit of information you needed to know in order to be successful.

They didn’t tell you, because unbelievably they don’t know this information. More than likely, the people “teaching” have never “done” the actual job.   

My other theory is that in this politically correct world we’re now living in, people don’t want to tell you to only train clients that can afford your service, because some may feel that that’s mean and greedy.


Last time I checked, personal trainers, just like the people that sell Mercedes have bills to pay too. Needs. Wants.  

You don’t have to struggle in this industry if you don’t want to. And you don’t have to quit and go settle for that “safe” desk job when you’re 25 that pays crap. 

Who wants to wear khakis and a blue polo with their cell phone on their belt for the next 40 years? Ha Ha                    

During your journey to become a personal trainer in college and/or through the certification process, I’m sure you heard many times how great it will be to help people become healthier. To change someone’s life.  

This is 100% true. It is an unbelievable feeling.  

It’s also an unbelievable feeling receiving a commitment from a client when they hand you a $5000.00 check.  

You gotta get paid. What’s the alternative?  

I’m sure you have read about the stat in one of my blog posts, or heard about it in one of my videos, where 80% of personal trainers are quitting within two years.  

I know you don’t want to be a part of that.

You won’t if you take my advice to market and offer your personal training service to the right people. People that will habitually pay you. People that have many friends and family members that will habitually pay you too.  

Please stop thinking that it’s rude or unethical. You have to take care of you first. Then you can give back, and start paying it forward.          

I read an article recently where an admittedly unsuccessful personal trainer put all the blame on his health club. 

He said that his club was too cheap, and wouldn’t market for him and his fellow trainers. That it wasn’t the trainers’ job to market their own service. That they all look like sales people and not personal trainers. 

He went on to say that it’s a trainer’s job to kick a client’s ass, not to sell them. Well he’s an idiot… well… kinda. 

Like I said before, no one has been there to guide this trainer. 

He needs someone (me, Mark Ruehle with Personal Training Biz, duh) to tell him that it’s best in the long run to market your service yourself, and to stop relying on anyone else. 

You may work for a company, but as a personal trainer you are your own entity. Your own brand. It’s your job to market it and to sell it.  

With all the deals and specials most clubs run, I wouldn’t want them marketing for me anyway. Buy five sessions, get five free? No thanks!

My point is don’t ever settle. I hate hate hate when people say something like, “Well Mark, this is good enough for me. I don’t need much in life. I have enough clients.” Great attitude huh?

As you probably know, all of my clients have a lot of money.

A few of them grew up very poor. One time one of them said, “Mark, I’ve been poor and now I’m rich. I’d rather be rich. It’s a lot more fun.”

Keep your passion. Stay motivated. Persevere.

I know you’ve heard this since you were four years old, but you can do whatever you want to do. You can be anything you want to be.

Ask yourself these four questions:

  1. “Why can’t I be super successful?”
  2. “Why can’t I be the #1 personal trainer in my city?”
  3. “Why can’t I make $100,000 a year in this industry?”
  4. “Why not me?”

Once upon a time I asked myself those questions. I answered them too.

Thank you so much for taking a minute to read today.

It’s been quite fun for me to see the crazy fast growth of Personal Training Biz the last few years.

I absolutely love hearing from you via DM, Facebook message, and email.

It’s showing me that the industry has plenty of passionate winners. Together we can slow down that turnover rate.

If you know of struggling personal trainers and health club owners please send them to my Instagram and/or Facebook page.

Don’t think that failing personal trainers and health clubs make it better for the rest of us. We need to continue to build trust in this industry.

Thanks again, talk soon.

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All you have to do is be willing to learn.

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