I’m sure that you have a great system in place for program design, but as many personal trainers have found out, it can be pretty difficult to program very far in advance for most clients because of things like sickness, vacation, work, and kids. 

The dream of having our clients go through their almighty progressions, more than not, is literally a dream. Unless you have clients that hardly ever miss workouts with you or miss workouts on their own.  

Speaking of the word “progressions,” I hear trainers using it more than “good job.” 

So many use it as a sales pitch. Do what ya gotta do I guess, but seriously?  

Hey, I know that using certain words may sound good coming out of your mouth.  

I also have no problem with a trainer trying to sell what they’re trying to accomplish with their client, but you might want to be honest with the 62 year old woman that you train twice a month. 

Progressions? Really? ; )  

Bottom line is that there are too many trainers writing 6-8 week programs for every type of client. 

Unless they’re super consistent dedicated athletes, this isn’t the best idea, and it’s almost impossible to adhere to. 

Remember it’s about what the client wants and needs, not what you want them to want and need.  

Not saying I’m a rare bird, but I write workouts almost everyday. Even for my athletes. 

I tend to write a workout for a client the day before I see them.  

You might think this is inefficient, but I like to have their information fresh in my mind each time I see them, which is always 2-4 times a week, except when sick or out of town of course.  

Yes, there are many nights when I’m dead tired from training 7-10 hours.

The last thing I really want to do is write 7-10 more workouts for the next day, and then work on my consulting business Personal Training Biz, but I do it. It’s my job, and it’s what my personal training clients and my fitness professional clients deserve.  

Doing the little things like this will lead to your clients seeing even more value in you, which will lead to even more referrals and amazing Christmas gifts. ; )                 

Ya know, instead of throwing the word progressions around, I like to say something like, “When I was writing your workout last night, I noticed this… and so I made this change in your workout for today.”  

Saying things like this will reassure your client and make them feel important. That you actually think about them almost daily even outside of their sessions. 

Some of my clients will smile at me and say something like, “Were you upset last night when you wrote this? This is really tough today.”  

Showing them what’s happening with their workouts and the progress they’re making, again sends the value of your service through the roof.     

Do you ever see trainers that have nothing prepared for their clients? Crazy huh? I’ve seen it many times in the last 19 years. 

Trainers flying around the club by the seat of their pants, just using machines for the hell of it because they’re open and available.  

Most trainers know it’s their job to have a workout plan for each of their clients every single session. Some must not. 

Your clients aren’t stupid people. They watch other trainers. Especially the very busy successful ones. 

They know if you’re not doing your job or catering to their every need. I’m pretty sure they’d know if you aren’t prepared.  

It does wonders for the trainer/client relationship when you go above and beyond.  

I know this blog post is common sense, but with what I’ve seen in the past almost 20 years… WOW.  

The last thing a trainer should have to be told is to be prepared.

Or to be on time.  

Or to take a shower… ; )  

Funny thing is, having a plan for every session should just be automatic. Not an extra perk.  

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Thanks again, talk soon.

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