Let’s be honest. Much of the human race aren’t big fans of overly analytical pompous people with zero personality.  

So, why be that person? Especially in our field. You’re a personal trainer, not a lab rat. Your job is personal.  

To be one of the greats in your market, one that is sought after, you of course have to first and foremost do a good job. Get people results. We know this. But there’s so much more

What about your personality? Are you personable? What about your image? How do you handle a training session in an overly crowded health club?      

In this post today, I want to talk to you about loosening up. Loosening up with your clients, loosening up with your fellow trainers and their clients, and maybe the public in general. 

Yeah, this will upset the overly analytical pompous personal trainers, but oh well. They won’t be in business for much longer anyways. 

You know those trainers. The non-busy ones rolling their eyes all the time.  

You just didn’t roll yours reading that did you? ; )  

I mean how many times in 18 years have I seen a trainer almost make a scene with a club member who unknowingly took the bench they were using with their client. 

You’re supposed to be the smart one. Come up with something else quick. Settle down. 

In a recent post I somewhat said that scientifically savvy people aren’t the most fun people you’ll ever meet. Pretty much that they shouldn’t host parties.  

I’ve been to their parties…  

One time we did shots of protein, and re-hashed the Periodic Table. Wow, what a night…  

Just sayin that they are introverted, and nobody gets their jokes. ; )  

In all seriousness, there are plenty of introverts that I get along well with and respect very much, but I definitely don’t want them selling my service for me. 

Guess what? 

We as personal trainers tend to be scientifically savvy people… oops.  

My point is that if you have a hard time communicating, don’t become a personal trainer. Hey, there’s always online training… 

I’m not trying to crush anyone’s dreams, and I’m honestly not trying to be a jerk, but I ain’t gonna lie to ya.

Remember, I’m not the sugar coating type. Never will be.        

Recently I read that it’s supposedly best if you and your client train in a protective bubble, so both of you can be “all business.” Otherwise you my look unprofessional an unorganized.  

Oh Lord! Don’t dare make the experience any fun, because results are the ONLY thing that matters I guess. Whatever…  

My clients love interacting with people in the club. It makes for a super fun and motivating environment. 

If I see a brand new client with a trainer I’ll make sure to engage them in a 15-20 second conversation welcoming them to the club to calm their nerves. Same goes if I see a brand new trainer.  

Ya know what? My clients will follow my lead. They’ll go out of their way to make newbies feel at ease.  

Even though that nervous 59 year old lady isn’t your client, IT’S YOUR JOB TO HELP her feel confident and secure.  

It’s your job because you’re a human. It’s all of our jobs to make someone’s day better.  

I wanna make one more point quick. I want you to try something.

Ok, if you have been following me for awhile you know my stance on being the trainer that always says hello.

Waving, smiling, patting asses, (careful) ; ) winking, acknowledging everyone FIRST etc. Yes “Own The Room.” I do these things all day everyday. 

So yes, please make sure to do these things always with club members of course, but also with your fellow trainers, the sales people, and the boss, even if you don’t like them. ; )  

Then take a day off or just a few hours off from doing this with your crew. See what happens… 

Silence is what happens. It’s actually unbelievable. And it pisses me off. For a minute.  

But then I get over it and laugh to myself. It’s such an easy way to tell which trainers and sales consultants will be out of the business soon. 

Do I want them out of the industry? No way.

I just wish they’d realize that how they’re perceived really matters. It matters every minute of every day, because someone is always watching.

I want you to be above this. If you’re around a few people that aren’t “UP” all the time, just keep killin em with kindness. Try to help them by showing them how it’s done.

Pretty soon they’ll be following your lead and thinking… “Damn. They’re in a good mood as usual. Do they ever have a bad day?”

Here’s a short list of things that I really focus on everyday. I hope they’ll help you.

  1. Always be prepared
  2. Do an over-the-top job from start to finish
  3. Stay away from negativity
  4. Always be thankful
  5. Never assume
  6. Stay humble
  7. Never abandon your passions

Ok ok that’s it. For now. 

Listen, I’m having a ball with my Personal Training Biz project. I appreciate all of the kind emails and Facebook messages. I truly love the encouraging words, the questions, and even the cordial debates.

Thanks again, talk soon.

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