“Nobody routes for Goliath.” -Wilt Chamberlain  

I love that quote. It’s so true.

I mean how messed up is our world now?

It’s the cool thing to do ya know. To go after people that are really good at something. People that are successful. People that are wealthy. Leaders. 

It’s like society wants successful and wealthy people to feel guilty or something. 

It’s crazy what people like Lebron and Brady and Beyonce have to deal with. 

You might he rolling your eyes right now, but think about it. Most of our planet suffers from some sort of inferiority complex. Why do so many people celebrate when others fail?  

I published a blog post quite awhile ago dealing with the general public resenting successful people. If you missed it check it out here. Do You Resent Successful People?    

Success can sometimes carry a burden, but I would never trade it.

I’m no Lebron or Brady. I’m definitely no Beyonce LOL, but I guarantee they have many days where they question if their fame and talents are worth it. 

Yes, they seem to have everything under the sun, but they’ve sacrificed too. Do you really think they have any “real” friends? Who can they really trust?    

People will be jealous. People will throw stones. You will lose friends. 

Successful people deal with these things their whole life, but I doubt they’d change a thing. Like I said before, I wouldn’t.  

I want to be honest with you and tell you that I have felt very alone in this industry for a very long time. This is due to me being more successful than the other personal trainers in my market. I have tons of acquaintances, but hardly anyone that I can call a true friend. 

Is it my fault? Could be. 

It just feels like most people don’t want to get close to me. Maybe I won’t let them. It’s gotten worse since I started Personal Training Biz. 

This is another big reason why my wealthy/successful clients are so important and so valuable to me. They understand what I’m going through. I can talk to them about feeling alone. They mentor me.        

Here’s a few questions for ya.  

Is it ok with you to help a ton of people, and make a ton of money at the same time?   

Does the general vibe and attitude in our world deter you from being the best? 

Would you feel guilty making $100,000 a year as a personal trainer?  

Why does this industry push guilt on those that make lots of money and talk about money and the business of personal training?  

We can only talk about the science and how to motivate our clients I guess…  

It’s so funny, because there are people out there that are actually mad that I tell other personal trainers to market their service to people that can afford it. 

I mean seriously. How ridiculous is that?  

The alternative of course would be to market to (BEG) people that can’t afford it. How’s that sound?  

As you have already read in some of my blog posts, I’ve talked about what some have said. Those haters. (Unsuccessful personal trainers.) Saying that it’s wrong to think about money in our industry. That it should only be about helping people. 

Ask yourself this question.

Who can I help if I’m struggling to pay my bills and have to find a new job? 

I would really love to know what so many personal trainers are afraid of…  

What is holding some PTs back in this industry?

Is it sales?

Not being able to handle rejection?   

Do you feel that college and/or your certifications didn’t prepare you well enough for the business side of personal training?  

Honestly though. Do you really think in our politically correct world that a college professor or some certification text book would tell you what I’m telling you? To only market your service to people that can afford it long term. To only seek out wealthy and successful clients. No f-ing way! 

Well, I’m going to keep talking about it. I will continue to be very honest with you.    

I have a feeling that most of your fear stems from the lack of knowledge of how to get clients. This is most every trainer’s problem. 

That’s why I started Personal Training Biz. To stop this fear and uncertainty, and to hopefully slow down the crazy high turnover rate in this industry. This will happen if you listen to me and market your service to the correct people.  

Are you afraid to talk to people with a lot of disposable income? People that can afford your service.

Do you think they’re smarter than you or something? That they could actually know more than you?

Well, have some pride would ya?!?! You are the expert. Act like it. 

The wealthy and the successful need your help too. The people that will get results quickly, because they have the financial means to have you train them 2-4 days a week every week. 

Do a good job, which I know you’ll do, and I promise that they’ll never quit your service. 

Then come the referrals… People start to call you… You are getting known now… You’re becoming kinda famous in your city… Your fear is going bye bye… You wake up every morning with a huge smile…     

Why won’t personal trainers talk about the tough issues? The issues that matter. 

Instead, all I’ve listened to over the last 19 years are personal trainers bragging about their degree and their nine certifications. Yet, the issues that are leading to the huge turnover rate in our industry, aren’t being addressed. 

Issues like many personal trainers can’t retain clients, which leads to the uncertainty of how much money they’ll make next month.  

What about their horrible gap filled schedule? Those schedules lead to becoming burnt out within the matter of a few months.  

But still no one wants to talk about money and marketing. Nobody wants to talk about the BUSINESS.  

It sounds wrong to most people I guess. I’m not sure why, but I will continue to address these issues, while the other “experts” continue to insult your intelligence everyday by telling you how uneducated you are. How you don’t know how to program or teach the perfect RDL. 

Yes those things are extremely important, but how can you share your passion and use this SCIENCE when you have hardly any clients? When no one knows who you are?  

Please go ahead and become Goliath in your market. It’s ok to make lots of money and change lives at the same time.  

You need to face your fears in this industry. You need to take action. I’m here to lead the way.    

I want to end today by sharing something that I’m very excited about. Personal Training Biz has grown to over 41,000 followers.   

My passion for helping good personal trainers become even better (wealthier and happier) has been received with open arms, so I thank you so very much. 

Included in my success letter, my first eBook, and my blog, are more than 150 pages of overly honest FREE information dealing with everything from who your target market should be and how to fill all those gaps in your schedule, to conquering fear and making more money to stay in this industry.  

There’s so much more to come in writing and in video, but as you already know I am now offering phone consultations as well, along with a new eBook.   

During a phone consult I will cover any subject you want to cover.

Subjects like who your market is, why it should be your market, and how to easily go after this market. How to charge more, how to fix your schedule, how to gain more freedom in your life, how to deal with cancellations, how to start doing in-home sessions, and even how to become self employed if you want. 

I will be able to make a much more specific plan for you during a phone consult. I can’t wait to spend one on one time with you.  

Thank you for reading, talk soon.        

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