Is it programming? Teaching proper dead lift form? Talking about nutrition? 

I doubt it. 

I know what your fears are, because I’ve been watching and listening to personal trainers just like you for almost 20 years. 

It’s not knowing what clients will still be around next month. It’s not knowing who will cancel their session tomorrow. It’s not knowing if you’ll be able to afford the rent because your roommate moved out. It’s not knowing if you’ll be in business in a year. It’s fear of failure.   

Although it should be, my Personal Training Biz project isn’t for everyone, because of a different kind of fear.

Some trainers are scared of what I’m saying. They’re afraid of what people will think if they follow in my footsteps. Because some feel that it’s mean that I don’t train just anyone. That I headhunt the wealthy/successful. Yes I do, and I’m pretty happy about it.  

I headhunt people that I can easily retain. People that will get results quickly, because they can train with me four days a week. People that give me amazing referrals. People that I can grow my business with. People that aren’t only my client, but also my mentor. 

I’ve received some honest emails, Facebook messages, and DMs in the past year.  

So many honest emails, Facebook messages, and DMs from personal trainers all over the world telling me that they love the information that I’m putting out there. That they agree with what I’m saying and want to take the route that I took many years ago.

If you are one who has reached out to me, I say thank you for the love and support.  

Although, there have been a few that think I’m being a hater. That I’m insinuating that most personal trainers suck.  

I never said that and never will. 

There are some tremendous trainers out there. I know plenty personally.  

There just aren’t many trainers making any money.  

That’s why I’m here. To help good trainers make more money, so they can stay in the business.   

In the clubs that I train at, I’ve seen almost 20 trainers quit in the last year. Even during the post almighty New Year’s rush that health clubs and personal trainers live for. Praying to get some quick easy sales to weather-the-storm later.  

As many of my followers know, I’m not a big fan of that market anyways.  

If you haven’t read my post that I originally posted on February 22nd of 2015, and would like to know why I would never go after the New Year’s crowd, you can read it by clicking here. New Year’s Resolution Clients? No Thanks! 

Yes of course it’s another overly honest blog post that some will call rude, but oh well. At the very least it will get you to think.                           

For a few years now, I’ve been mentioning the sickening statistic that 80% of personal trainers quit within two years.  

This is what my PTB project is for. To help you get better clients, make more money, have more freedom, become a happier trainer, HAVE LESS FEAR.

And yet some personal trainers are still resisting my information and my help. Scared to admit that the business aspects of personal training are the things that really need to be addressed.

Not whether you should foam roll your client before strength training or after, or if drinking water with lime juice and colored salt every morning is beneficial.  

Still most every personal trainer continues to run to online forums and fight other trainers on the proper way to teach a split squat. 

Yes, absolutely continue your commitment to the science side of personal training, but the lack of a commitment to the business side is why personal trainers are failing.  

Please don’t add to this. Fight your fears. Take responsibility. Stop relying on the club to get you clients and let me help you.    

I received an email the other day from a trainer that wanted to know why I only talk about the business side of personal training and making more money. Well what’s the alternative? 

Everyone, and I mean everyone is teaching the science, but still the turnover rate in our industry is unreal.

Hmmmm I guess this may somewhat prove that the science isn’t the main problem. 

I also received quite a few other emails that praised me for being honest and bold. Nice! : )  

But they also talked about being nervous to go against the mainstream. Going against the norm by talking about money and going after wealthy/successful clientele. 

For the millionth time, “You can’t change lives, if you don’t have any money.” 

If you have to quit your job as a personal trainer because you’re broke, who can you help?  

Thank you so much for taking time to read one of my blog posts today.  

Make sure to get your butt to PTB Consulting and schedule a phone consultation with me.

In doing so, you’ll also receive my new 50 page eBook titled Successful Marketing Strategies Used By Six-Figure Earning Personal Trainers, and the exact 6 templates/blueprints that I used to nab all of my high end high paying clients that continue to train with me today.  

If need be, you can grab just the eBook and 6 templates/blueprints without scheduling a phone consultation. It’s much cheaper that way, but wouldn’t you rather spend an hour on the phone with me?

I’ve recently done some phone consultations with more than one trainer at a time. They split the cost 2-3 ways and put me on speaker phone. It was a lot of fun. Why not grab a PT buddy or two and schedule a time that works for all of you?

Or ask your club owner to pay for it. Do they know about me? I’d love to talk to them too, and explain that everyone makes more money when personal trainers go after the right clientele.  

Go check it out. Here’s the link again. PTB Consulting Stop your fear and get some help.

Thanks again, talk soon.         

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