Jillian Michaels, Bob Greene, Gunnar Peterson, Bob Harper, David Buer, Dolvett Quince… 

These six are easily among the best “they” say. “They” say this, because these personal trainers train celebrities. With celebrities being supposedly smarter than everyone else, the rest of society should trust their judgement.  

To every trainer in the world, training celebrities is a dream job. This is what many of us aspire to do.  

Training a few millionaires a day for a huge hourly wage.  

Wow, what freedom we’d have. Everyone would know us. Our waiting list would be monstrous. Being so wanted. Being so sought after.  

I hear you saying… “I don’t live near any celebrities Mark. I guess I’ll just have to ‘get by’ like most personal trainers and struggle to find good clients.” 

What if I told you that you’re so wrong? That there are celebrities in almost every city on the planet. 

I was being a little sarcastic earlier. I actually agree with what “they” are thinking. That famous people are smarter than most. 

I’m not talking about things like dump your cable provider and get DIRECTV, just because Rob Lowe said so, or that living like Lindsay Lohan is a brilliant life choice.  

Successful people do tend to make the right choices when hiring help. 

They know people. They only hire the best. And if they make a mistake hiring someone, which isn’t very often, the help will quickly be replaced.  

It’s very hard to fool a successful person. They’ve made some very good decisions along the way to get to where they are.  

Do you really think that Bill Gates will put up with a personal trainer that isn’t getting him any results or giving him what he wants?  

Celebrities fire their publicists and their agents all the time until they find “the one.”  

Just like your local celebrities fire their accountant or their lawn care company. They will fire their trainer too.   

So yes, the six trainers I mentioned are quite good at their job. 

You may disagree with some of their philosophies or how they appear to be on camera, but they are definitely getting the job done, and doing everything right. (Hence the large amount of money in their bank account.) 

And you can’t resent them for what they are doing. They didn’t get lucky.  

You should be emulating their workload. Respecting the countless hours they’ve put into growing their brand.   

Believe me, you just can’t get away with “faking it” for very long in this world. If they were doing a poor job they would get busted. 

Speaking of resenting successful people, click here to read one of my blog posts addressing that very issue. Do You Resent Successful People?  

Recently I read a comment from a personal trainer where they said, “Make six-figures a year as a personal trainer? Yeah right! Maybe if you’re Brad Pitt’s trainer…”  

Why are so many people in this world so pessimistic? Why won’t more people put in the work to be truly happy?  

I mean there are so many personal trainers on the planet making six-figures. Most of them train locally famous people like I do.

So I bet you’re wondering who these local celebrities are that I keep mentioning. That’s easy.

They are the top lawyers, doctors, and business owners where you live.

Many live and work within 20 minutes of your location, and I bet ya that a minimum of 90% of them don’t have a personal trainer or know any personal trainers.

Why not change that? Why not be the personal trainer that everyone has heard of?

Ok, thanks so much for taking the time to read another blog post from me. I truly hope you sense my passion for this industry. 

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