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There’s No Such Thing As Overnight Success

Mark Ruehle February 14, 2016

I want you to remember something. Write it on your hand. Do whatever you have to do, but never forget it. “There’s absolutely no such thing as overnight success.” I know you don’t want to hear that. Nobody…

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Fix Your Attitude

Mark Ruehle November 29, 2015

ATTITUDE. Another item I need to address. Another ignored problem I unfortunately see so often. Another aspect in the industry of personal training that isn’t discussed at all.   Many struggling personal trainers continue to play the blame game, and…

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The Real Reason Personal Trainers Fail

Mark Ruehle November 9, 2015

What’s wrong with the personal training industry? Will there always be this huge turnover rate of 80% quitting within two years? Why aren’t many personal trainers making any money? When is it going to get better? Will it…

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How I Became A Successful Personal Trainer

Mark Ruehle October 14, 2015

I’m not being arrogant. I’m being honest.  I’m a rare bird. I am a very successful self-employed personal trainer, and I never work past 4:00. I don’t do boot camps or online training either…

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I Want To Be Your Mentor

Mark Ruehle October 10, 2015

I’m exited. My phone consultation service has gone over very well. To the many that have completed one with me, I thank you. To the personal trainers and health club owners that are thinking about scheduling a phone consult…

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Are You Allergic To Hard Work?

Mark Ruehle September 21, 2015

“I need leads. Where can I find some leads? I don’t know anyone that wants a personal trainer.”  Well, have you even looked? Have you even opened your eyes? Have you asked anyone? Have you done any networking? Nope…

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What Makes A Successful Personal Trainer.

Mark Ruehle August 7, 2015

So, what makes a successful personal trainer?  Is it their credentials? Is it their passion? Is it determined by how many clients they have?   If I asked this question to 10 personal trainers I may get 10 different answers, and…

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