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What Are Your Biggest Fears?

Mark Ruehle March 22, 2015

Is it programming? Teaching proper dead lift form? Talking about nutrition?  I doubt it.  I know what your fears are, because I’ve been watching and listening to personal trainers just like you for almost 20 years.  It’s not…

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Role Playing Sales Meetings Are Dumb

Mark Ruehle March 18, 2015

Ok, I’m going to be upfront here from the get go.  This blog post will go against most everything you were taught, and are currently being taught by your superiors at your health club pertaining to the selling of…

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Do You Resent Successful People?

Mark Ruehle March 13, 2015

What the hell is it with everyone telling personal trainers that their job SHOULDN’T be about the money? That your sole purpose as a personal trainer should only be about being sensitive to peoples’ health and fitness needs. Not…

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Why You’re Broke…

Mark Ruehle March 8, 2015

Maybe I have been too hard on you.  Blaming you for not knowing who your market is. That you’re setting yourself up for burnout and an early exit from this industry.    Ya know… Most people can’t buy a…

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Who Do You Think You Are?

Mark Ruehle February 28, 2015

Come on y’all… there’s no need for you to stare at another personal trainer and shake your head when you notice one of their clients has bad form.  There’s no need for you to go up to…

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Your Client is the Boss

Mark Ruehle February 25, 2015

I’m sure that you have a great system in place for program design, but as many personal trainers have found out, it can be pretty difficult to program very far in advance for most clients because of things like…

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Facebook Dummies

Mark Ruehle February 21, 2015

Here’s some common sense advice that I shouldn’t have to give you, but from what I’ve seen and read, need to. Don’t be an idiot on Instagram and Facebook. As a personal trainer you should already…

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