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Everyone is NOT a Potential Client!

Mark Ruehle April 23, 2015

Almost every piece of marketing advice I see in our industry deals with ridiculous flow charts, the god awful pillars of marketing and sales, and horrendous closing rate percentages. What a waste of time. When it comes to personal training…

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Personality Traits of Winning Clients

Mark Ruehle April 14, 2015

So, what type of people make the best personal training clients?   Who are your dream clients? Of your current clients, what do your best ones have in common?  I’m guessing your best clients are the ones that train with…

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Life IS Fair

Mark Ruehle April 11, 2015

Life can “seem” unfair sometimes. Many days there “seems” to be so many obstacles blocking your path to where you want to go in your career, your life. But the truth is, life IS fair. How can that be? Life…

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Is One on One Personal Training a Dead End Job?

Mark Ruehle April 8, 2015

Wow… according to a handful of “experts” on the ol’ interweb, we should quit the personal training business. These “experts” are saying that we won’t be able to make it going the route most are going. They say that…

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Who Are the Best Personal Trainers on the Planet?

Mark Ruehle April 6, 2015

Jillian Michaels, Bob Greene, Gunnar Peterson, Bob Harper, David Buer, Dolvett Quince…  These six are easily among the best “they” say. “They” say this, because these personal trainers train celebrities. With celebrities being supposedly smarter than everyone else, the rest…

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Are You A Fun Personal Trainer?

Mark Ruehle March 31, 2015

Let’s be honest. Much of the human race aren’t big fans of overly analytical pompous people with zero personality.   So, why be that person? Especially in our field. You’re a personal trainer, not a lab rat. Your…

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